Having damaged locks is like having a bad hair day every day. And who wants a bad hair day? No one, of course. Everybody hates that. It’s like a cursed day for most women. We never want to get out, we never want to join any gatherings and we never want to be seen by other people because we feel super ugly with our dry and damaged locks. If only there was an easy way to get rid of it and get healthy-looking locks instead. Well, the good thing is there are tons of ways you can bring back the life and beauty to your tresses. Wanna know the simple and natural ways to do that? Read on to find out.

There are tons of factors that can affect the health of your tresses. On top of the list is how you manage it. Choosing the wrong hair products and overusing hair styling tools are among the primary causes of damaged locks. Dyeing and subjecting your strands to any type of chemical treatment can also lead to damage in the long run. If your strands are already suffering from damage, don’t lose hope because we will teach you easy and effective ways how to repair your damaged strands and bring back your hair’s health in no time at all. You can start off by getting rid of hazardous hair products that you are currently using. As much as possible avoid them and only use those which are safe and healthy for any hair type. If you’re fond of using hair extensions and other hair accessories, wear only those which are non-damaging and which are made from premium quality and safe materials.

Say goodbye to damaged locks by following these 5 simple methods:

1. Avoid any kind of chemical treatment

As we all know, anything chemical will possibly do you harm in the long run. If your tresses are already suffering from drying and damage then it would be best to give it a break from all sorts of chemical treatments such as hair dyeing, bleaching, rebonding, relaxing and perming. These types of treatments will only worsen the damage. Avoid them, at least for now. Once, your hair’s health is restored, you can ask your stylist for healthier and gentler alternatives to such treatments.


2. Slack off on heat styling

Lessen the use of heat styling tools as much as possible. Blow dryers, electric curlers, and straightening irons are not ideal for daily use for they can cause significant damage to your locks if not used properly or overused. It is best to keep them away when your strands are already extremely damaged. Consider air-drying but if you really need to blow dry due to time constraints, make sure to keep your dryer on the lowest heat setting as you use it. You never want to add more damage to it, would you?

hair-treatment3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy body leads to healthy hair. You always have to think about what’s good for your overall health. Keep a healthy diet, eat more high protein and hair-friendly food such as fish, eggs, spinach, sweet potatoes, lean meat, guava, and oyster. Increase your iron, vitamin and mineral intake as well. Do some exercise and meditate once in a while. Regular exercise promotes better blood circulation and meditating once in a while frees you from stress which is a contributing factor to common hair problems. Just keep yourself stress-free and chemical-free, that’s all you need to remember to quickly revive your much-loved locks.


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4. Use the right hair products

As mentioned above, the choices we make when it comes to the products we apply on our strands largely affects our hair’s condition. If you’re unsure of which products to use, consider reading some product reviews and try seeking some advice and recommendations from your friends as well. When looking for products, make sure to check the labels first and go for the ones with moisturizing and restorative ingredients. If you’ve finally found the right ones to use, carefully learn the ways how to use them wisely.  You may also try making your own oil treatments at home. Look for natural oils such as coconut, olive or canola and then heat it until warm. Massage it into your scalp and wrap it using a shower cap. Wait for at least an hour, then wash.

hair-treatment5. Go natural

This is probably the safest, healthiest and best way to repair damaged tresses. Give your locks a break from chemicals and other styling products and just go natural instead. Try investing or making natural homemade remedies and treatments. The ingredients you’re going to use in making these costs less compared to most chemical-based products since most of these ingredients are just usually found in your kitchens such as fruits, baking soda, honey, eggs and much more. You can find free tutorials online on how to make this kind of treatment on your own.


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