How often do you go fishing?

What’s your take on fishing?

Do you undertake it as a leisure activity, sport or is it your line of profession?

Are there any benefits you have realized by constantly undertaking fishing as an activity?

What motivates you to go fishing?

Well, the answers to the questions above may differ for different people. However, others may lack answers to these questions since fishing is not part of their lifestyle activities.

No matter where you fall, I want to bring to your attention that fishing is a healthy activity that everyone should consider indulging in. In fact, if you are to stay happy and healthy, you should consider going fishing on the weekends rather than spend your time before the screen watching TV.

How does fishing help you to stay happy and healthy?

There are many types of fishing in existence today. These include kayaking, trout fishing among others.

The similarity in the above types of fishing is brought about by their health and fitness benefits in as far as the mental and physical status is concerned. To benefit fully from fishing, you need the necessary fishing tools and equipment including the spin-cast reel, hooks, and sinkers among others.

Fishing, despite being a cheap sport, therefore, offers the following health and in turn happiness benefits:


Fishing ensures physical fitness

Unlike other sports such as athletics and football, fishing is not vigorous.

Despite this, fishing involves other lower impact physical activities and exercises such as biking, propelling, and hiking. These activities in themselves provide a boost to your cardiovascular health.

In addition to this, access to fresh air is guaranteed during fishing further enhancing your physical fitness.

In addition, the lower impact physical activities indulged in during fishing aid in ensuring body flexibility for more years.

This is because fishing maintains motor skills through small but tricky movements. Therefore, more flexibility is attained with time. See here, some essential kayak fishing tips to boost your physical fitness.


Increased vitamin D levels

It is evident that fishing is an outdoor activity. For this reason, one gets the chance to be exposed to the sun as they fish.

This exposure provides the skin an opportunity to tap vitamin D as a greater percentage of this vitamin is usually got through the exposure of the body to the sun.

Vitamin D is important especially when it comes to aging since it ensures healthy and graceful aging free from major bone diseases.

Fish diet adds your number of days to live

According to statistics, the Japanese have the longest lifespans. This lifespan is associated with various factors among them, eating fish.

Therefore, with such an advantage, why not take your spin cast reel and go fishing this weekend for a better life?


Good mental health

A major role that fishing plays in as far as mental health is concerned is dealing with stress.

This is attained by calming the mind. The general fishing environment, being as natural as it is, is adequate to shift the mind away from stressing thoughts and bring it to a world of fantasy.

In fact, statistics confirm that up to 38 percent of Americans undertake fishing as a means of relieving stress.

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In addition, the natural fishing environment plays a significant role in the brain’s health. Taking a stroll in the natural environment, besides fishing will help reduce the chances of mental illness.

According to research, mental illnesses are prone to occur at higher levels for individuals operating in urban centers compared to those in natural environments.

The sweet thing about fishing is that it demands one’s attention in order to be successful.

For instance, you will be required to use your spin cast reel effectively, monitoring its movement in the waters if you are to bag for more fish. This attention to the fishing tool is what diverts one’s attention from other stressful thoughts, making them get relief from stress and hence healthy mental health.

In conclusion, with the above facts in mind, it is evident that fishing is an important activity in as far as one’s health and happiness are concerned.

Fishing with family or friends makes the experience even much better due to the company.

Therefore, start spending your weekends on the most productive and effective activities that not only bring food to your table but also shape your emotional and physical health. Start today by taking your spin cast reel and go fishing today for a happy and healthy life.

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