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A lot of women have found that watches are a great fashion accessory, and now they are starting to create their own watch collections.

Starting your journey collecting timepieces that you love seems simple when you think of it. You just have to buy watches and then keep them in your possession.

However, you should avoid thoughtless buying because it might only lead to some of your watches gathering dust in your drawer as you realize you really don’t want them.

So, if you’re one of the women out there who want to start collecting watches, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

1. Set a Budget

The first step you have to take when starting a watch collection is setting your budget. It’s crucial to have some goals, but you should not be overly ambitious. Remember, you’re just a newbie collector. So, set a reasonable budget and don’t allow yourself to spend beyond it.

With your budget, you can now shop for the timepieces that you love. Since you’re just starting, you can focus on watches with small complications or pieces with gemstones or diamonds. Go for ones that can retain or increase their value over time.

Then, as your financial means improve, you can set a higher budget to buy high-end watches for your collection.

2. Consider Your Lifestyle When Buying Watches

Any collection is an integral part of your lifestyle, and this is especially true when it comes to watches. A watch is one of the things that make up your identity. You wear it wherever you go, and people notice it.

That’s why you must not only think about your watches in terms of value but also style and design. For sure, you have a kind of fashion philosophy that you follow.

Then you can use it when buying watches. You should make sure that a timepiece that you’ll buy is what you want to wear and show to people.

3. Diversify Your Collection

It’s crucial to have at least four or six essential watches in your collection. That’s what seasoned watch collectors do.

For instance, you should have a couple of work timepieces, sporty chronographs, and an elegant dress watch (with or without gemstones).

As you go along with your journey as a watch collector, you can now diversify the style of your watches in your watch wardrobe.

A cost-effective way to diversify your collection without spending for a new watch is to buy different kinds of straps. It’s also cheaper if you learn how to replace them on your own. With thousands of options in color and materials for straps, you can easily find one to fit daily or casual outfits. Don’t do this for your more expensive timepieces, though.

If you already got several three-hand timepieces for daytime, you can think about adding a unique, less classic piece to your collection. After all, a variety of styles can make your watch collection more interesting.

You can also add iconic watches like the ladies’ collection from Omega or a Bulgari Serpenti timepiece. It’s also excellent to consider the concept of having several colors of straps or bracelets for your watches.

4. Go for Rare and Unique Timepieces

It’s an excellent thing to invest in rare women’s watches. Rare timepieces tend to retain or increase their value over time.

For instance, you can buy women’s watches with special gemstones or dials from brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, or Rolex.

There are also styles like the “panda” or “reverse panda” chronograph dials that are one of the most sought-after by watch collectors.

You can also invest in dive watches or military-inspired timepieces as they have some technical designs and mechanisms which make them unique.

It’s also advisable to buy from a newer, smaller watch brand. Don’t stick to big names. Small and independent brands also have something to offer. You might find watches with unique designs there to add to your collection.

5. Keep Your Watches in Good Condition

Of course, you can’t afford to lose the pristine condition of your watches. So, it’s essential to service your watches regularly for that purpose.

Watch brands have specialists who can do full maintenance service for your timepieces. If your watches are in excellent working condition, they can retain or increase their resale value. You can keep your watches in good condition with quality straps of hemsutwatchbands.


Now you know how to start your watch collection journey. First of all, you need to make sure to set a budget for it.

Then, consider your lifestyle when choosing the watches you have to include in your collection. Diversify your collection and invest in unique, valuable timepieces.

Finally, keep your watches in good condition to retain or increase their resale value.

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