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Congratulations! You’ve decided to start an exercise routine. Maybe you are looking to lose a few pounds. You might just be interested in trying to live longer. Whatever your reason for starting an exercise routine, you will want to stay safe. Here are five great ways to stay safe while exercising.


Having a proper warm-up routine is one of the best ways to prevent injuries while exercising. For example, you need to take the time to stretch before you begin your workout. Also, you need to get your heart rate up before you start many different exercise routines. The best way to accomplish these two goals is through some light jogging and targeted stretching exercises. Once your body is fully prepped for the rigors of your workout, the odds of an unexpected injury will greatly decrease.

Proper Gear

If you wish to exercise safely, investing in proper gear is simply a must. For example, you will need proper shoes for running. You will need a helmet for cycling. You might require a weight training belt if you intend to lift some weights. These items might be expensive. However, the investment is worth it. Proper equipment will help prevent immediate injury during your workout. However, proper exercise gear will also protect your body from injury throughout the years. For example, most athletes can easily run a couple of miles in regular footwear without any difficulty at all. However, if that same athlete decided to do that over the course of a year, some serious knee injuries might result. Investing in proper exercise gear will keep you safe both now and in the future.

Have a Partner

Most people mistakenly believe an exercise partner is a simply good company. This is not true! An exercise partner can do more than just provide conversation during your workout. An exercise partner can keep you safe. For example, an exercise partner can help spot the weights you are lifting. If you are out for a morning run, an exercise partner can be an extra set of eyes for traffic. He or she can also motivate you to do your best, and he or she can also be the voice of reason when it is truly time for you to quit for the day. Perhaps most importantly, an exercise partner can be the first person to help you out if an injury does occur. Your recovery time from any injury will be much shorter if someone was able to help you out right after the injury occurred. If you don’t currently have an exercise partner, find one as soon as you can. Your body will thank you!

Set Proper Goals

Many people fail to see how proper exercise goals can keep you safe. Don’t be one of those people! For example, many people are excited to move to the next level of their training as soon as they can. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious injury. For example, you shouldn’t be trying to pound out those extra miles or lift those heavier weights if your body isn’t ready for it. However, if you have set proper goals, you will have a schedule to know what to do and when. You will know on your calendar when exactly your body will be ready to tackle that half marathon or bench press a massive weight. Setting proper goals takes the guesswork out of your exercise routine. This will prevent injuries.

An Alert Mindset

Always remember that an alert mind is ultimately the best way to stay safe while exercising. If you are alert during your workout, you will see potential problems before they turn into injuries. You will notice if exercise equipment is faulty. You will remember to dress in reflective clothing if you decide to head out for an evening or early morning run. You will listen to the signals your body is sending you to know when to call it quits. You’ll realize that exercising indoors can be warmer in certain months, and this might prevent you from slipping on the ice outside by staying indoors to exercise instead. As you train your mind to sense exercise risks, you will stay safe.

Exercising always carries an amount of risk. However, that risk can be greatly reduced by following the suggestions above. Give the above suggestions a try as you undertake your exercise routine. If you do, you will help keep yourself free from injury. This will allow you to truly reach all of your exercise goals!

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