Hats for Toddlers

On average, Americans have around 2 kids in each household. As for your house, you might be a relatively new parent. You had your first kiddo a few years ago, and now they’re starting to walk and even talk a little!

Now that your infant’s a toddler, getting them out and about is easier. But of course, this comes with some extra steps in preparing to go out. For example, you’ll have to add more clothing items like hats for toddlers to the mix.

But did you know that hats can do more than make your kid look cute?

Keep reading for 8 benefits you can get from toddler hats!

1. Protection From Sunburns

A child’s skin is delicate, especially if they’re not used to sun exposure. Even if you’re headed out for just 10 minutes in the park, having your toddler wear a hat can make a huge difference.

Instead of their soft head getting pink and sunburned, they’ll be nicely shielded from the sun’s harsh rays. As a result, you’ll have a happy and healthy kid!

2. Eye Protection

Not only will toddlers’ hats protect your little one from burning, but they’ll also prevent the sun from doing damage to their eyes.

Many people don’t know this, but the sun’s harmful UV rays can also cause issues like cataracts, macular degeneration, and corneal damage in the future. All of these things can affect your child’s eyesight, so it’s important to safeguard them as best as possible.

Hats can provide some protection by giving a little shade to the eyes, thanks to their brims. But it’s minimal protection.

This means that in addition to hats, you should also have your kids wear sunglasses, preferably ones that are UV-rated and polarized.

3. Body Temperature Regulation

It’s an old wife’s tale that you lose most of your heat through your head. But it’s not completely untrue; we do still lose a little heat here, so toddler hats are great for body temperature regulation.

When it’s hot, a hat can keep the sun’s rays out of your child’s face and cool them down. And on the flip side, when it’s cold, a hat can help your kiddo retain what precious heat they have to stay warm.

4. Protection From the Elements

In addition to shielding your little one from the heat and cold, toddler hats can also offer protection from harsh weather.

For example, if there are high winds, hail, or snow, hats for toddlers will keep these things from bothering your child.

Of course, if the weather’s really bad, the best thing to do is to stay put inside and wait it out. If that’s not possible, then make sure you add other things on top of the hat for maximum protection, such as a beanie or the hood of a winter jacket.

5. Protection From Unpleasant Sounds

There are many unpleasant sounds out in the world, and some may startle your toddler so much, they have a meltdown.

While hats are obviously not as effective as earmuffs or earplugs, they still offer a barrier between your kid’s sensitive ears and the loud outside world. This can help them face trips better and decrease dread.

6. Protection From Germs

Are you annoyed that every person you meet wants to stroke and kiss your toddler?

No matter what you say or do, they just won’t listen to you!

Well, one of the benefits of toddler hats you might not have thought about is protection from germs. Again, it’s a physical barrier on your little one’s head, so when people come up and try to stroke and kiss them, they’ll be doing it to the hat instead.

Just remember to wash the hat when you get home!

A hat can also prevent your toddler from scratching an itch they’re not supposed to touch, such as a cut.

By plopping down a hat on your kid’s head, you’ll feel better knowing they can’t easily tear off the bandage and scratch at the wound, which can cause an infection.

7. Self-Expression

Toddlers are at the age where they’re exploring who they are and their personalities start shining through. This means they might want to start dressing or throw tantrums over a particular piece of clothing.

Giving your child something like a pink baseball hat can enable them to express their sense of style and fashion. If they seem enthusiastic about this piece, then go ahead and buy them an assortment of hats so they can have a different one for each day of the week!

There are many types of hats for toddlers, so they’ll never run out of choices.

8. It Teaches Them Good Habits

When it comes to good habits, starting your children young is the key. The younger, the better, as it’ll be so routine, they won’t remember life without that habit!

If your kids start wearing hats at a young age, then it’ll be automatic by the time they’re teenagers and young adults. And this good habit can be just what saves them from a devastating health issue in the future.

Buy Some Hats for Toddlers

By now, you should’ve realized that hats for toddlers are a fantastic investment. Not only do they protect your little one from the sun and elements, but also from germs.

Also, hats are a great way for your kiddo to express their personality, so don’t be afraid to get them a few to try out!

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