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Imagine a person sitting beside in at subway, frequently digging a finger inside his nose to catch the boogers. Gross, isn’t it? You’d definitely make a disgusting face and distance yourself from him. That’s because you care about your health.

Hygiene and health go hand in hand. Good hygiene results in good health – shielding you from diseases and infections. Maintain proper hygiene not only makes you feel good about yourself but also keeps the bacteria and viruses away from you, which may otherwise take both emotional and physical toll on you.

Importance of Personal Hygiene

Basic hygiene habits should be part of everyone’s life as they help us stay clean and healthy. If you want to inculcate hygiene habits in someone, start from a very young age as personal hygiene needs to be instilled at an early age.

There is more to hygiene than using a mouthwash, washing your hands, or wearing deodorant. These are the habits everyone is expected to know about, yet no one talks. Hygiene and grooming come under the overarching umbrella of personal care.

There are endless possibilities for improving personal hygiene. You might remember the first time your dad taught you to shave. That’s a formal hygiene lesson for you and there will be many more to learn as you grow.

Hygiene Habits to Follow

It is never too late to adopt hygiene habits as part of your daily routine. Here are five ways through which you can maintain proper hygiene as you grow.

1. Wash Your Hands, Please

Start from washing your hands. That’s the most basic tip for maintaining personal hygiene. Teach your kids to wash their hands before and after every meal. That’s what we’ve been told from the start too, isn’t it?

It is the most basic and efficient way to keep illnesses at bay for you. Learn the correct technique of washing hands. Most people don’t wash hands after using a restroom. That’s pretty disgusting. Make sure you immediately wash your hands to avoid any illness.

Washing hands before and after preparing a meal are important too. To ensure that you don’t spread bacteria into the food you’re preparing. Rinse your hands for at least 2 minutes under hot, soapy water so that you’re not carrying any potential bacteria that might infect others.

Anti-bacterial soaps are popular these days along with handwash containers so you don’t even have to hold the soap in your hand, especially when using a public restroom.

2. Etiquettes for Sneeze and Coughing

Did you know that a sneeze travels up to 100 miles per hour spreading 100,000 germs into the environment? People with flu or cold release some respiratory droplets that contain viral particles which might infect others. You can catch a cold if you shake hands with someone already having flu or you might inhale the virus when someone sneezes around you.

What’s the etiquette for sneeze and cough? Cover your mouth, especially nose whenever you sneeze or cough. If you’re using a tissue to wipe your nose, immediately dispose of it off in a bin. If a tissue isn’t available, use your sleeves but then change your clothes as soon as you can.

The right way is to always carry a handkerchief so that there is minimal exposure of germs to everyone else. This is a simple thing, but many people tend to ignore this at times. Also, make sure to frequently wash your hands so that you don’t contaminate whatever you touch.

To improve your body functioning, buy nootropics to strengthen your internal defense mechanism. In order to avoid catching a cold, it is important to remove all body toxins that lead to infection. If you have a recurrent cough, go check with a doctor and do not avoid any symptoms.

3. Taking care of Oral Hygiene

Like sneeze and coughs, germs can easily be transmitted into a body through mucous membranes of eyes, nose, and mouth. So hygiene involves body cleanliness.

If you want to fight bad breath, use mouthwash regularly. Also, start drinking plenty of water to remove all the toxins in your body that can cause a bad smell in your body. Chew gum when you’re out in public to avoid embarrassing yourself.

Do not rub your eyes too much as it may cause dust particles to enter your eyes which might infect them. Nose picking, of course, is bad. Hygiene is all about small things. As an individual, you could clean yourself regularly to avoid interacting with germs. Maintaining personal hygiene is also important for your loved ones. (See also: Key Tips To Optimal Oral Health and Hygiene)

4. Dental Hygiene is Important Too

As a child, you are trained to brush your teeth twice a day, but growing up, we tend to forget this habit. Most people skip brushing their teeth at night t because they’re hooked to their phones scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

Dental hygiene includes brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, or whitening strips if required, and visiting your dentist every six months. I’d recommend you to invest in an electric brush. If you have a sweet tooth, ensure that your teeth are free from tartar and you’re not having tooth decay. Overuse of caffeine is also quite dangerous. The same goes for smoking and drinking. Nutrition and hygiene go hand in hand.

Remember: your face is your identity. If you have a confident, happy smile, you’ll live a stress-free life.  overuse of caffeine is quite dangerous. Get the brightest smile through these tips.

5. Take a Shower, Man

Whether you are grungy or not, a daily bath is a must. It helps to keep you fresh, clean, and odor free. Taking a bath every day helps you rejuvenate your skin –scrubbing your body removes the dead skin so that you stay fresh and healthy.

Taking a shower also helps strip away all the unnecessary oil from your hair, making them fresh and clean. Avoid shampooing every day as it damages your hair and does not give them time to nourish.

Showering removes all the dirt from your body, preventing blemishes, acne and other skin diseases. So take a bath before you head for your daily chores, and don’t forget to dry yourself with a towel.

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