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The art of gift-giving can be very tricky because you want to find a present that the receiver will like and can actually use but you always want to put that personal touch onto a gift that makes it special. No matter what the occasion is, a gift is an important way to show someone that you care about them and you want to congratulate them, wish them a happy holiday or celebrate their birthday.

If you’re trying to brainstorm ideas for gifts for men in your life, why not consider a DIY project? These types of handmade gifts are the best way to give someone a present they will love because you can customize it completely to match their interests and hobbies. Plus, making a gift over buying a gift shows that you cared enough to take time out of your day to create a truly unique present. Here are some of our favorite DIY gifts for men that you can test out for yourself. (See also: 5 Tips to Select the Best Flower Gifts for Different Occasions)

1. A Homemade Pair of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a classy addition to any man’s attire, and they are a pretty common gift to give, but making your own cufflinks is an even better idea. And, this classy men’s accessory is super simple to make. All you need for this project is a large bead to act as the decorative part of the cufflink and a post to hold it in place. Onyx beads are a beautiful choice for a beaded cufflink as they look sleek and masculine. If you want to create a more traditional-looking cufflink, you can purchase cufflink bezels and use a variety of different materials to design the end of the accessory.

2. Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

This DIY project is really easy but makes an unusual gift for men that they’ll be using for years to come. Think about who you’re planning to give this gift to, and if you already know his favorite liquor, purchase a small bottle and pour the liquid out into another container (or drink it!). If you’re unsure about what type of liquor he likes, ask someone else who is close to this person, or just settle on a bottle of Jack Daniels as this is usually considered to be a classic masculine liquor. You can also use any liquor bottles you might have around the house as a form of crafty recycling.

Once you’ve got the empty bottle, you need to clean it really well because no one wants to be washing their hands with little remnants of sticky liquor. It can be tough to get into the bottom of the bottle, so try filling it with hot, soapy water and swishing it around several times, rinsing it until you’re confident that the bottle is completely clean. Then, pour some liquid soap into the bottle and screw on a pump soap dispenser top that fits–and you’ve created a unique soap dispenser.

3. Make Your Own Beard Conditioning Oil

There’s no question that beards are in right now. Men have been rockin’ this masculine outdoorsy look a lot in recent years, but caring for a beard properly takes time, energy and the right products. If you know someone with a killer beard, try creating your own beard oil as a gift. These oils can help condition a man’s beard to keep it from feeling too bristly and give it a smooth finish.

To make your own beard oil, you’ll need a small bottle with a liquid dropper cap, a few essential oils, and some carrier oils. The carrier oils are used to dilute your oil mixture to make your essential oils last longer and prevent the scent from becoming overpowering. Coconut, argan, and jojoba oils are some of the most popular carrier options as they can be moisturizing and help reduce wrinkles without adding a new scent. Pick two or three essential oils to mix in as well. Lavender, tea tree and cedarwood are all popular options for beard oil mixtures.

4. A Simple and Masculine Bracelet

Though we typically associate jewelry with women, there are some masculine and professional-looking jewelry options that make great gifts for men. When it comes to making a bracelet for a guy, the key is to keep the design simple and avoid adding any elements that may be too sparkly or attention-grabbing. This is one reason leather straps are so popular on men’s jewelry—it looks manly and understated. But, there are plenty of other beaded designs for men’s bracelets. Onyx beads work really well with guy’s jewelry because the deep black color looks rich and professional, but doesn’t seem out of place. You can use onyx beads to create your own unique design or follow common styles.

5. Create a Clock Out of a Book

This is truly a one-of-a-kind gift for men. Creating the clock may take more time than some of these other DIY ideas, but it’s not very difficult. First, find an old book that you don’t mind turning into a gift. You can either use one that you already have or head to a local consignment shop or used book store to find an intriguing-looking hardcover that would look nice when displayed as a clock. You’ll need to use a cutting knife to cut a large square in the pages that is the same size as the clock kit you can purchase from any craft store.

Once the clock has been fitted into the book, you need to drill a hole through the front of the book and poke the clock mechanism through. Paste numbers onto the cover of the book and then attach the clock arms to the mechanism–and you’ve made your clock. This is one of our favorite DIY gifts for men because it can be so unique and displayed in the living room, office or bedroom. Although you need a few more tools for this than some of these other DIY ideas, the entire project shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete.

6. Get Creative with Your Gift-Giving

Few gifts are more special than ones you’ve crafted yourself. If you’re looking for gifts for men this year, try using these ideas as inspiration to create something entirely your own. Onyx beads are perfect for men’s jewelry or cufflinks while DIY beard oils can bring something interesting and useful into the receiver’s life. Whatever you choose to make, you can be sure they’ll love the thoughtfulness of your actions.

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