Babies are at the greatest risk when they are sleeping, and so it is the time that you need to take measures to help keep your infant safe. Although there is nothing that a parent can do to guarantee that the kid is 100% safe as he sleeps there are endless things that one can do to reduce the risks. And to make sure that a mom does not lack sleep out of worry below are some easy ways to keep your baby safe during sleep.

#1 Keep the Infant Close

Keep the Infant Close


It is important to keep your child close at all times, but it is even more crucial when he is sleeping. Keeping the infant close to you will ensure that you can respond within a shorter time to any distress sounds or movements. Most experts will always advise a mother to keep the infant in the same room and not in a separate room, and this is regardless of whether you have video monitors or not. But, you should not sleep in the same bed with your child as this is dangerous. Instead, you should keep his crib next to your bed.

#2 The Mattress Should be Firm

Mattress Should be Firm


You should not be in haste when shopping for a crib mattress because it is one of the essential items that you will need to keep your child safe as he sleeps. Always go for a firm mattress with sturdy materials as it will not indent when the child sleeps on it. You should not worry about finding one as there are numerously available in the market, but it is important to read customer reviews before deciding on what to buy. Also, go for a mattress that has all the necessary approvals as this is one of the reliable indications that it is safe for your baby.

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#3 Use a Swaddle Blanket

Although different parents have varying opinions when it comes to swaddling, pediatricians and other experts say that it is okay. In fact, a majority of them will recommend it as it not only keeps the baby warm as he sleeps but is also an effective way of keeping him safe. But, it is important to ensure that you use a high-quality swaddle blanket. A good swaddle is not only easy to use but it is also breathable, and it allows the baby to maintain the natural movement of his body. However, it is vital to make sure that you do it correctly (not too tight or loose) and that you stop it at around three or four months.

#4 Avoid Keeping Toys and Clothes on the Crib

Clothes on the Crib


When it comes to sleep time, it is important to ensure that there is nothing else on the crib or bassinet apart from the beddings. Any toys that the baby was playing with before falling asleep have no place on the crib as they will expose him to unnecessary dangers. Also, make sure that the sheets that you use on the crib fit well and that you do not leave anything loose. Something as minor as a loose sheet can be very dangerous for a baby because he can get tangled in it which can lead to strangulation or suffocation.

#5 Keep the Temperature Right

Keep the Temperature Right


Contrary to popular beliefs infants do not need the room to be extra hot for them to sleep safely. The temperature should also not be too cold even if it is in the middle of the summer. If the child is too cold or hot, he will have trouble sleeping, and research also shows that overheating can also lead to or is a contributing factor for SIDS. You should ensure that the temperature is just right and that the baby does not sweat excessively. The optimal temperature for baby sleep is anything between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

#6 Immunize Him

Research shows that babies who get all their shots on time have a lower risk of SIDS than those that do not. And so making sure that your son gets all his necessary immunizations is an easy but very effective way of keeping him safe as he sleeps.
It is not always possible to guarantee your baby’s safety when he is sleeping, but it is your obligation as a mother, father or guardian to try. Whether he is taking a daytime nap or sleeping at night, you should make use of the easy ways to keep your baby safe during sleep above.

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