Dress Up On Formal Occasions

Well, formal dress or formal clothing is worn on precise occasions such as communal events, weddings, ball, and opening night at the opera, a classy jazz concert, dinner, confirmations, Christmas traditions, and horse races.

So now, there are predominant types of dress codes for a wedding or you can say for any other social events.

Formal dress is conventionally alienated into formal day and evening apparel. You can go for morning wear before 6 pm and wear a white tie (dress code) after 6 pm but who has no concern with the time? Those are heels.

A woman who wears high heels carries herself precisely different from a girl wearing sandals. The first rule you need to understand before getting dressed for an event is the invitation.

What does the invitation say? Consider wearing sartorial that can be outfitted up or dressed down.

What is meant by the dress code?

Dress code means that sort of dresses worn by the people at any particular occurrence or under any conditions such as morning dress code or black tie dress code.

1. Morning dress

Let’s talk about morning attire, morning formal dress is essential for the hours of daylight in which men wear a simple but classy waistcoat with striped trousers.

It depends on what time is it, if it is evening then men can go with a white vest, a white bow tie, long black jacket with tail, and black shoes.

Women: wear a formal appropriate floor-length gown with a confident smile on a face and show it off with her magnificent jewelry but wait, stop right there.

Aren’t you forgetting something? Well yes, you are. Wear a pair of heels which will go with your overall look. High heels are like a splendor lift for women undoubtedly.


Men: It is mandatory to wear for men. You can wear a dark outfit with straight trousers and yes, a bow tie worn around the collar is a must.

Wear black socks with tasteful black leather shoes or wear black oxford shoes which should be in bombed conditions with silk laces. Anyways, a point to be noted that dark tie dress is less formal than the snowy tie dress.

Women: usually, black tie dress is considered a formal outfit for women. This is just beforehand and women must treat this one as a cocktail.

So if you’re going with the cocktail then wear something far more dressed off. It can be a long dress or it can be a knee-length cocktail dress with high heels to give your wear an eye-catching look.


When it’s about casual wear it means to stay far away from denim jeans and tank tops for other impending events. There are five rules to casual dressing.

  1. Respect the dress code.
  2. Know the right style pyramid.
  3.  Nail your grooming.
  4. Wear the right accessories.
  5. Color and texture rule in casual style.

Men: wear chinos or slacks, a polo shirt or sweater but it wholly depends upon the season.

Wear dress shoes or a tuxedo. If it is a business casual, the then-athletic sock is a big no-no. You should wear a shirt and an optional tie with dress slacks, well pressed. Put a belt and dark socks and stylish shoes.

Women: wearing everyone’s favorite sundress or maybe a nice pair of trousers with a blouse is perfect for women. Don’t forget to wear a stunning pair of your favorite heels from your wardrobe.

If it is a business casual attire, then wear twinset, skirt, and hosiery. For a perfect defined look, you can go for closed-toe shoes.

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Wearing something cheerful and cool because cocktail attire is a dress code for twilight gatherings or bashes.

Men: should wear a jacket and slacks without a tie to make it look comfy. Colors can be bold. An armada or a charcoal ancient outfit such as mid-grey suit is great or wear a button-down dress shirt in any muted colors.

Keep a simple pocket square and very significantly make sure that you are clean-shaven and your hairstyle must be cool.

Women: should catch a dress above the knees. Keep the glam go with matchless colors and embellishments. Wear some sophisticated jewelry.

Don’t wear a gown when it’s about cocktail attire. You can also get a glowing makeover with a messy hairstyle for your cocktail attire.


Semi-formal attire is a dress code that designates canny style. When it’s about semi-formal dress code it is somewhere between proper and spontaneous.

Men: mostly wear an old-school dark suit with a shirt to a semi-formal happening. If you are heading towards a daylight event than you should wear a suit in a light color, like light brown.

In most cases, the tie should be worn but in some, it’s not very compulsory. If you want then wear a tie because you can anytime take it off later. Lastly don’t forget to wear your polished leather shoes.

Women: you can wear a knee-length dress, or you can try wearing slacks with a dressy blouse. Wearing a pantsuit with a dressy fabric, such as cashmere or silk, is another option.

Wear it on heels or strappy sandals. Sparkling pearls and contemporary jewelry will be appropriate. Just make sure you don’t do anything too superfluous.


Business attire denotes to the sartorial that employees wear to their work.

Men: When it is about business professional attire, men should wear a suit which can be in grey or navy color with a tie. Men can grab a button-down shirt which can be light blue or white and a pair of closed-toed shoe to look modest.  You can go with such attire at award ceremonies, special feasts.

Women: When going as a business professional, women must wear neat dresses, skirts, and slacks. You can wear a blouse with a blazer. Business professional includes, heels but no higher than three inches and must be standard. Wear minimal jewelry not so extravagant.

These are a few tips on how to dress up for formal events and if you want, you can be colorful on such occasions like weddings, bashes, and open concerts or at a costume party.

There is a lot to dress for a formal occasion but all you need is a flawless guide. Wear according to the event, time and season because this might help you stay relaxed and comfortable at your event is.

If your occasion is in the daytime, then you should definitely go for a velvet dress which will make you notice by the audience.

Let’s talk about the difference between formal and informal events.

Formal happenings are mostly expected by the people in a ceremonial environment. Only summoned individuals are expected to appear on such occasions. Like dinner, where people discuss the matter in a well-mannered way or at a small theatrical performance where the companies are requested to watch.

Music must be unhurried or absent. We all know that dressing for a formal occasion like prom can be stressful, from choosing the color, the accessories you wear and the hairstyle you pick. It can also be a very intimidating experience. Three different suit options to wear to a formal event like a school dance or even a wedding.

For men


  • Jacket.
  • Waistcoat.
  • Trousers.
  • Black shirt.
  • Black tie, black belt.
  • Black parents’ shoes.

For women


  • Sweater
  • Button-ups
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Nail paint
  • Dark lipstick

Informal: Guests of informal events depends on what kind of party it is. Informal parties like bashes are all about enjoyment and fun. It is not wrong to say that there will be plenty of music. These events are flexible and no one pays attention to what the other is wearing or even if the person is invited or not.

Dress code for informal events can be as follows:

For women-


For men-


  • Jacket
  • Sweaters
  • Shantung striped dark red, blue and white silk tie.
  • Dark blue linen pocket square with white hand-rolled X stitch.
  • Shadow striped socks.


Wearing formal dress codes help you to create an image of yours while going to your workplace because you are representing your organization.

Dressing stylish or according to the event or occasion helps you to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and be an example for others.

It’s not only about clothing, but it’s also about hygiene as well. Keep yourself clean, perfumed, get rid of bad breath when you are invited to a very special occasion like dinner or ball. Wear clean clothes don’t wear anything with stain.

Get your haircut done before you go to such events. You should have a good dressing sense because clothes reveal your personality. Dressing well permits one to achieve self-confidence. Dress for the starring role you want, not the role you previously have.

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