Keep Your Health Thriving This Year

There are millions of people every year who make a dedication to living healthier, be happier, and become more responsible with the things and resources they use around them.

Essentially, to know and understand what makes your body operate like a well-oiled machine is a secret that many have attempted but few have mastered.

However, at the turn of the new year, millions embark on that health and wellness journey which eventually eludes them by February.

If you are someone who is interested in making your life better by monitoring your health and wellness this year you have probably researched and read many articles.

A date or a reset because of a new year doesn’t mean that much to you. All you know is, nothing is going to get better until you capture the essence to keep your health up to par from this day forward.

If that’s true, then you’re different from the rest of the pack. This is why our experts have compiled five ways you can use to keep your health thriving this year so you never have to look back.

#1 – Water

Never underestimate the power of this magical liquid. Generations ago, Ponce de Leon searched high and low for a substance called “The Fountain of Youth” because the native Indians of this era were exhibiting youthful glow, energy, and maintaining their health and wellness.

He concluded that they were getting all of their strength and longevity from the natural springs that bubbled up underneath the ground.

If there was a substance that could maintain vitality and life, Ponce de Leon was correct. It is definitely water. The body can go for weeks without food as fuel.

However, if you keep water from the body for more than four days it begins to shut down. Water is something you should always include in your daily routine because this is how oxygen travels throughout the body.

Water brings precious life to all of your major organs and systems. Today, many people barely drink one glass of water, much less their regular eight glasses a day.

If you want to keep your health and wellness on track, make sure you’re getting enough water in your system.

#2 – Food (The Right Food)

Everywhere you look there is food. This statement reminds us of the 1980 film starring Robin Williams “Popeye”.

The film had a musical interlude that saluted, and was titled, “Food”. In today’s society, food is on every corner, and more often than not that food comes in the form of “fast food” which is terrible for your body. If you’re looking for a za’atar, Zesty Z is the right place for you.

When you begin to consider your health and wellness, you must consider the fuel intake of food. Be strategic about your food and understand which foods you need to eat to maintain a healthy life.

Foods like nuts, beans, leafy greens, and high protein foods like salmon or turkey are great options.

Remember to stay away from processed foods and foods consisting of high sugars and fats.

These foods will only saturate your body with negative resources that eventually turn to fat and all your hard work is lost. Plan your meals and stay away from fast food traps.

#3 – Try Herbs

When you begin to understand health and wellness, you soon learn that because your body is made from the earth, then it is naturally going to accept items from the earth.

With this idea in mind, you can quickly realize that herbal alternatives are always a good choice to stay healthy and keep your wellness thriving.

Herbs that come in the form of essential oils, herbs like turmeric that come in powdered form, have been helping people for generations.

One of the more popular herbal solutions is a tree leaf called Kratom. Thousands of years ago the natives consumed Kratom in tea by crushing or chewing the leaves.

Today, millions of Americans take Kratom and you can begin to understand why using Kratom capsules makes sense.

Currently, there are a lot of vendors who offer Kratom products, however, you should always know to ask for the vendors’ lab reports on this leaf.

Harvesting and processing can bring many unwanted materials and responsible vendors ensure that their products are pure and clean. Once you find that vendor, you can begin to participate in the health and wellness that so many Americans are enjoying right now.

#4 – Alternative Resources

Many people enjoy health and wellness every day and some wonder how they have mastered the art of self-control and reliance on things that seem foreign to everyone else.

The key is to stay consistent and understand what things are out there that can help you.

Alternative resources like chiropractic care are always a great option to stay centered and balanced in your life.

In reality, if you’re talking about health AND wellness, that means you’re talking about wholeness and you cannot have wholeness without having balance in your life.

One of the best ways to get started is through a chiropractic process called functional medicine. They use integrated genetic solution services to learn more about your body, how it works and what you can do better in your life. It truly is a great way to establish a ground zero from your health and work up to where you need to be.

#5 – The Neighborhood

Did you know that one of the most important resources for your health and wellness lies right outside your door? That’s correct, your neighborhood holds the key to your healthy, happy life.

One of the ways you can make use of your neighborhood is to strap on your favorite pair of sneakers and hit the sidewalk and explore areas of your neighborhood that you never visit.

Doing this allows you to get outside and exercise your body with a brisk walk.

Walking has been proven to elevate the heart rate, lower blood pressure, relieve depression, and much more. Don’t get too caught up in life. You should always find the time to get some exercise into your routine for a healthier life.

Do What You Love

When you begin to consider a health and wellness lifestyle you soon understand that these are not just decisions that will affect next week, but they are life changes that will impact the rest of your days here on earth.

Learn what you love about your new health and wellness journey and stay consistent with it so you will always be doing what you love – keeping your body healthy.

About The Author:

Wade Harman is the content writer for Kats Botanicals, a reputable hemp-based company that is leading the charge on valuable products for health and wellness. Wade has 17 years of experience in the botanical industry. His podcast, The Botanical Resistance, shares his passion for iTunes about bringing better educational information to the botanical community on various topics about alternative health.

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