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Tea, in general, is beneficial for the health, regardless of its type. Apart from offering an enjoying experience, tea has been proven to be a lot healthier than coffee. You can have a cup of hot or iced tea made according to your taste and enjoy a sip while taking a break from your daily activities. In fact, if you choose to drink a cup of tea in the morning, your mind and body will surely thank you later.

In this article, we will explore the main reasons why you should replace your morning coffee with a nice cup of tea.

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1. For Its Health Benefits

Regardless of its type, whether its green, black or maybe fruity, tea is famous for its enormous health perks. However, experts recommend green tea as a go-to health drink as it is rich in antioxidants, helping your body eliminate all toxic substances accumulated during day-to-day activities.

Do keep in mind that tea comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on where the leaves were harvested, you can enjoy a cup filled to the brim with flavonoids and no pesticides, or you can end up drinking a beverage as toxic for the body as artificial soda. Make sure you check out a list of green tea brands reviewed before committing.

Drinking tea every morning improves blood flow by widening the arteries. This is crucial when it comes to preventing dangerous blood clots that can form inside them. Tea also protects against heart disease. However, maybe the most important health benefit of drinking a cup of tea in the morning is the capacity to decrease the risk of certain types of cancer, according to some thoroughly-researched studies.

It seems that people who drink five or more cups of tea each day have a much lower chance of developing prostate, breast and mouth cancer than those who do not drink it at all. This is due to the power of flavonoids who help our organs eliminate toxins, therefore cleansing the body of potential risk factors.

2. For Its Hydrating Purposes

Hydration is extremely important in our everyday lives, especially after a workout or a long, stressful day at work. Most people drink water to rehydrate themselves, but that’s not necessarily correct. It seems that tea might be the better solution for the combination of caffeine, nutrients, and antioxidants can offer you a boost whenever you are feeling tired.

3. For Its Weight Loss Perks

There have been a large number of studies that have suggested that if you regularly drink tea throughout the first half of the day, you might lose weight more quickly. It seems that a cup of tea speeds up the process of burning calories and also prevents you from gaining more weight. Still, even if for some people this might not work, although many have said it does, drinking tea is a lot healthier than sipping on a regular, sugary drink.

Take ginger tea for example, apart from its amazing health and beauty benefits, it is a versatile tea that can quench the thirst and refresh the body during summer, and provide a welcomed warmth during winter all with just a couple of calories.

4. It Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

A regular intake of tea can strengthen your teeth. In turn, this prevents certain problems like tooth decay and gum disease. That’s because tea contains a lot of fluorides, which we know makes tooth enamel stronger. The same thing applies to the bones, as tea can help protect them and prevent bone loss. As for the antioxidants in tea, they have been shown to be very helpful against bacteria in the mouth. So not only does this miraculous beverage keep your teeth healthy, it also provides a fresh breath.

5. It Helps Your Memory

Science has shown that some types of tea, like green tea, can make the memory cells in the brain stronger. A cup of tea every day prevents the development of dementia and even certain neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. It has been observed that in the past, these diseases were not that common, mostly because people drank a lot more tea back then. Thankfully, we have started doing this again and we can only hope that tea’s incredible health benefits will help us once again.

6. It Boosts Your Immune System

Another benefit of tea is that it can help immune cells reach their goal a lot faster than normal. Regularly drinking tea after you’ve been ill or suffered an injury will help your immune system and make it stronger. Tea has anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can make your body recover faster or prevent it from getting sick.


Finally, it seems that tea still remains one of the most underestimated beverages, even if people have begun researching more about its incredible health benefits. Regularly drinking tea, like a cup in the morning, will protect your body against illnesses and various problems that include tooth decay and neurological diseases. Regardless of the type of tea that you like, be sure that it will have a beneficial effect on you. Certain teas can even calm you down and make you sleep better. So, there is one for almost any problem that you might have. The only thing now is to form a habit and drink at least a cup of tea every morning.

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