Are you curious about the history of plastic surgery? Ever wondered where it started and how it came to be? You’re not alone.

Most people think of plastic surgery in the context of Hollywood stars or people who want to perfect their appearance. However, the practice has its roots in human recovery efforts from wars and other violence. As soldiers and even civilians were injured in these battles and other violent conflicts, a need to help them put the pieces back together and get on with their lives fueled the growth of plastic surgery.

As archaic punishments like cutting off the nose of an enemy or criminal continued to be popular, doctors sought to replace missing noses on people who didn’t want to live with the shame and isolation of a mutilated face.

Plastic surgery has a fascinating history, and various techniques for changing the human appearance were developed all over the world, hundreds of years ago. In fact, the first plastic surgery text can be found in Ancient Egypt, on what is called the Edwin Smith Papyrus.

Then, with the advent of the 20th century, plastic surgery blossomed and developed as an industry. The availability of things like anesthesia and new materials for implants and injectables revolutionized the range of possibilities for patients. Children born with defects such as a cleft palate were able to survive and live normal lives; people burned and scarred in conflicts received meaningful treatments that extended their lives and improved their quality of life, too. People who wanted to change the aesthetic appearance of their body now have the capability to do so.

If you’re curious about plastic surgery’s origins and how it has come to be a common and acceptable option for cosmetic improvement, check out this infographic.

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