Dental Implant

Implants seem to be today’s state-of-the-art tooth-replacement option. The implant consists of a small titanium post (this is the implant) which is normally attached to a dental crown. Note that the crown is the only part of the implant that will be visible in your mouth. The implant (titanium post) rests beneath your gum in the bony socket that held your missing tooth. Note that more than two implants can support multiple crowns or even the entire arch of lower or upper replacement teeth. Thus, regardless of whether you lost one or more teeth, implants are a perfect way of restoring your natural smile.

Here are the top six reasons you need dental implants for your natural smile.

1. They are just like natural teeth

Your natural tooth has roots that hold it in place and securely anchor it to your jawbone. Similarly, implants develop a firm attachment with your jawbone. This happens because these implants are made of titanium, a material known to have a unique ability to fuse with a living bone.

After the insertion of the implant into your jaw bone during a minor surgery done in the dental facility, it will fuse with your jaw bone within a few months. After this happens, your implant will feel like a natural tooth. Besides, it will be indistinguishable from the other natural teeth. The good thing with implants is that you can speak, eat, and smile with confidence because implants don’t slip off as dentures do.

2. Implants are durable tooth replacements

Since the implant becomes part of your jawbone, they offer a lasting solution to tooth loss. While other tooth replacement options such as bridgework and removable dentures may require replacement with time, implants may last a lifetime especially when cared for in the right way.

3. Implants prevent bone loss

Though most people are ignorant about it, the bone loss comes after you lose a tooth. Keep in mind that a bone is a living tissue that requires constant stimulation to regenerate and stay healthy. Your jawbone gets this constant stimulation from your teeth. Even when you lose one tooth, the bone tissue beneath the lost tooth starts resorbing and melting away. And if you aren’t aware, this can give your face an aging look and leave your jawbone vulnerable to fractures. Fortunately, implants can provide the required stimulation once they fuse entirely with your jawbone and prevent bone loss.

4. Implants don’t affect the adjacent teeth

While other tooth replacement options can weaken the adjacent teeth, implants do not affect the health of the adjacent teeth. For instance, bridgework requires support from the adjacent teeth, resulting in the stress of these adjacent teeth. This makes them susceptible to decay. The good news is that implants don’t depend on adjacent teeth for support and that means that they don’t have any effect on the nearby teeth.

5. Implants are easy to take care of

Taking care of implants is just like taking care of your natural teeth. You should brush and floss daily. Besides, you don’t have to apply special adhesives and creams or soak the implants in a glass of water overnight as you would if you were using dentures. You even don’t need a root canal or filling as the natural teeth that support bridges may.

6. Better quality

Dental implants are of better quality than natural teeth and dentures. Therefore, if you have lost a tooth, then, implants are likely to offer you a better smile and boost your confidence as well.


While implants seem to be the best tooth replacing option, their functionality, durability, and effectiveness can be compromised by gum disease. Therefore, you should focus on practicing healthy dental care.

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