Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Since the first release of e-cigarettes a few years ago, vaping has come a long way, which has caused a very high expectation from people regarding the quality of vapes and e-cigarettes.

Regardless of what people do, they expect them to work so smoothly the first time, but sadly, it doesn’t always work like this.

To have the flawless and most pleasant vaping experience, there are a few essential tips that everyone needs to know and understand.

Hence, below mentioned are the six essential tips that might help the beginner vapers.

1. Priming the coil

One needs to prime the vape coil, such as a puff bar while changing it. Priming of the coil is making the wick moisturized enough to get a pleasant flow of good-tasting vapor while taking the first puff, instead of a burnt taste or a dry hit. The three ways to prime the coil are:

  • Time and patience

After replacing the coil, particularly with vape tanks that use dual or even single coils, it is advised to let the vape idle for 10-12 minutes before one starts vaping.

There is a wide opening at the top of the sub-tank type of coil, and a few droplets of liquid can be directly put into the wick, but still, everyone should let it be idle for a few moments.

  • Suction

The suction method is the most well-known and time-saving method. In this method, one needs to suck as if he/she is vaping, after closing the base of the tank and the airflow opening, and without turning on the power of the vape.

2. Not filling above the line

Whether you use a regular vape atomizer or a cartomizer, the methods of vaporizing e-liquid are the same. To produce vapor, e-liquid is heated by the heating coil that is wrapped around a wick.

The residual heat then causes the drawing of more e-liquid from the connected tank. When the wick is already saturated, and if more liquid is added, less air flows through the vaping atomizer or cartomizer, which further results in making the puffs feel less fuller.

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3. Exploring various E-Liquids

To stabilize the flavors and to produce a smoke effect when vaporized, all e-liquids use a base that consists of glycerine or propylene glycol, or a mixture of both. It is a good idea to try a variety of e-liquids and to read the reviews whenever possible

4. At least one-time dripping

Many people like vape atomizers more than cartomizers because they lack any filler material that restricts the amount of vapor that reaches your mouth. Now, when you use an atomizer with a disposable cartridge, this benefit gets eliminated. They have saturated and dense foam that can restrict vapor from entering your mouth.

It would be best if you use a hollow drip tip instead of using a cartridge. This enables you to add drops of e-liquid to the vaping atomizers directly, that will, hence, due to less airflow restriction, let you have larger vapor puffs with an even stronger flavor.

5. Regular battery charging

As you continue to use a vape, it’s atomizer’s resistance will usually stay the same, and yet the battery will drain slowly. This will, hence, lead to a dip in voltage and can further cause a diminished vapor production if you use a half-charged battery.

You can notice this if you have a battery of high-capacity that, in normal usage, can last for several days, and suddenly, the amount of vapor produced becomes less and unenjoyable. It is advised to regularly charge the vape’s battery for maximizing the vapor production.

6. Purchasing a better battery

The best vaping battery depends on several factors like how many times it can be recharged while still performing well, operating temperature, charging time, maximum discharge, high current rating, and battery life.

For example, a battery, without being recharged, might be able to go a long time, but it cannot be discharged at a greater frequency. Also, there are some vapes with lesser battery life, but they do not get very hot at more significant currents. It might be a little costly to get the best vape battery and can be worth it.

By keeping in mind a few of these above mentioned simple tips, one can get full puffs of and can enjoy more.

Hence, if you aren’t enjoying the ultimate experience of your vape or e-cigarette, try considering a few of these tips.

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