Skincare Tips for Summertime

Just as your wardrobe transforms with the weather, your skincare should too. You can feel changes in your skin slightly with the weather so you need to adapt yourself to keep it healthy and glowing.

Here, we have to listen to the dermatologists because they are the experts on this. The first tip, however, is to listen to your skin.

Hereunder are the best tips and tricks for your summertime skincare but you are supposed to do only what fits best for your skin.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 

Hydration is the most important step to having perfect skin. Your body needs more water because you are generally sweating more during the summer.

The best way to do so is to always keep a bottle of water with you even if you are at home.

If a water bottle is in your reach, you end up drinking more water.

Also, do not just settle on the water. Use products like hydrating serum or face wash or cleanser for extra skin hydration. I can bet you, this works for spotless skin.

2. Add sunscreen to your surviving kit 

Whether you are in the sun or not, an SPF is something you need to survive during the summer. Otherwise, your skin gets tanned which is good to an extent.

However, the sun rays which are there even at the night time can increase pigmentation and dark unwanted lines appear on your face.

Not only are they hard to go away but also they take away the glow from your face. So, do not go out without a layer of sunscreen on your face.

Also, if you choose to add a hyaluronic hydrating serum in your summer skincare kit, you will need sunscreen with it.

3. Be gentle to your skin

Just like you want your body to feel light and you wear lighter clothes and eat lighter foods, your skin needs the same. Avoid too many products.

If you are crazy about skincare and always pick up a new skincare product at the mart, just use them on alternate days.

Also, be careful with makeup. Do not put on heavy makeup. Allow your face to go makeup-free this summer to celebrate your natural and beautiful skin.

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4. Do use moisturizer but cleverly

The first thing we often do in summers is to skip the moisturizer especially the ones who have oily skin.

However, the dermatologists insist that it is very important to never skip on moisturizer.

You can always choose another moisturizer if your skin is reacting to your favorite one. But do not skip on it or your skin will eventually become dull and have acne.

Moisturizer is protecting your skin from the pollutants which end up clogging your pores at the end of the day if you are compromising on a moisturizer.

So, to be gentle to your skin one great tip is to use a super light moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 25.

5. Vitamin C is essential

Who does not like glowing skin with no pigmentation? Vitamin C serums are there to help you always.

However, if you have oily skin, the daily use of Vitamin C can give you acne with regular use. So, be careful. Try it a little and see how it suits your skin. It is advisable to use it once every three days.

If you want to keep it low cost, just add a couple of drops of lemon in your face wash at night. If Vitamin C works for your skin, it will be magical! 

6. Exfoliate more

Summer means deep cleaning of your skin. Yes, a dermatologist always asks you to keep exfoliating in the right way because it can cause damage to your skin badly.

So, try to find a cool exfoliator that has gentle beads. Also, do not exfoliate every day even if it feels amazing to do so. Just try to do it once a week.

If it is working for you and your skin needs more exfoliation, you can gradually increase the number of times you exfoliate. The trick here is to add this slowly in your routine.

6. Stick to the shade

You can be yearning to be in the sun all winters but do not get too excited. Protect yourself from the sun. Even if you are on the beach, do not sunbathe in direct sunlight.

Make sure there is some shade protecting you from the sunrays. Also, get yourself a huge and cool sunglasses because your eyes are sensitive and you do not want to ruin them by being careless.

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7. Add cleansing to your morning and night routine

Cleansing your skin both in the morning and at night is important. You have to do it every day. This is the basic step to have clear and soft skin.

You can get yourself a face wash as per the requirements of your skin. Then, just cleanse your face with it twice every day. You will see, this basic change will help your skin a long way.

8. Use Aloe Vera to soothe the sunburn

Aloe Vera gel or creams can do wonders in summer. You can also incorporate aloe vera products in your cleanser, moisturizer, or exfoliator to keep your skincare routine minimal. This will do wonders to soothe and cool down your skin after a heavy workday.


Remember these tips apply to both women and men. For most people, their skin gets oily in the summer. Here are the best dermatologists recommended products for the summertime oily skin.

However, if you are like a person whose skin gets dry and gets damaged, then you should opt for these recommended products. There are also a lot of people for whom the major problem is their sensitive skin which reacts to every product whether suitable or not for their skin.

Then, they should opt for these recommended home remedies to maintain their summer glow. Happy summer!

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