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The basic to a healthy life is a healthy environment. If you want to achieve your health goal, it is essential to inhale pure air and follow a healthy diet. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the effects of the environment on your health. As a nurse, you will be working in the health care occupation.

Therefore, you will have the responsibility to function as an environmental health campaigner and raise consciousness on the health insinuations of ecological changes. This will allow you to support policies to lessen health susceptibility and to build the ability to adapt to weather changes.

This article mainly discusses ways to improve air quality for a family.

Role of family to keep a healthy environment

As a nurse, you are in an outstanding position to provide guidance in executing the principles of decrease, recycle, reuse, recuperate and re-educate in the place of work. In your practice, this could involve:

  • Reducing paper and other office ravages.
  • Evading indiscriminate application of disposable tools.
  • Using energy as resourcefully as you can.
  • Reprocessing plastic containers and other materials.
  • Following safe disposal practices.
  • Cheering health facilities to implement eco-friendly managerial policies.

Moreover, as a nurse, you have the responsibility to learn the way to reduce the negative environmental effects of your work. You can achieve this by following these practices at

  • Your home.
  • During your outdoor activities.
  • Your office.

Furthermore, as a nurse, you need to start looking at areas, like good indoor air quality, as well as energy preservation, pollution prevention, solid waste reduction, resources conservation, and ecologically dependable design and management.

I. Ways to get improved air quality at home

When spring comes, trees around your home will be budding and you will be getting a cool breeze. Although these are enjoyable, you may also experience a running nose, itching eyes, and the fuzzy brain. These all happen due to allergies. Seasonal allergies, such as hayfever will worsen when the climate warms up and blossoming trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds will release pollen in the air. An overenthusiastic immune system will mistake these safe particles for trespassers and releases provocative chemicals, known as leukotrienes and histamines to combat them. To keep yourself safe from the harmful effects of the spring season, visit here. To get pure air at your home:

  1. Keep allergens out of your home

The primary step you have to take to get improved air quality is blocking out the allergens. Make sure that you keep your windows closed during the pollen season. Then, recycle the air by running a quality air purifier 2017. This will filter the indoor air to offer you the pure air. This will also trap particles, which sneaked inside. Additionally, eliminate dust from the filter by rinsing or replacing it every alternate week to keep it in perfect working condition.

  1. Reconsider your bedtime habit

Having a relaxing shower before going to bed will sweep away the stuck allergens from your face and hair. Moreover, they will not stay on your pillow and irritate your nose and eyes. Every evening, make a habit of cleaning your eyelids with a quality baby shampoo. To know more healthy habits, visit this article “A few tips for replacing bad habits with good ones

  1. Clean your laundry regularly

When you return from a barbecue or a walk, dress in clean clothes, by tossing the old clothes into your laundry. This will avoid allergens tracking your entire home. Furthermore, washing your bedcovers at least once a week in a hot cycle will eliminate and prevent allergens from lingering around your home. A hot cycle wash will eliminate almost all allergens and the sneeze-causing bacteria that flourish in humid weather.

  1. Keep your pets in position

This means that put your cats and dogs in their place. This is because your pets that play outdoors can gather pollen in their hair and legs and can transport it to your house. Therefore, prohibit your pets from entering your home or at least keep them away from the furniture. Give your pets a regular bath to remove the collected allergens from their body. To know more about air purifier for pet allergies and the ways to resolve them, click here.

  1. Use a HEPA air purifier to clear the air

Seasonal allergies are caused due to irritants, like cleaning products and fragrances. Using a HEPA air purifier 2017 to clear the air will allow you to breathe easily. This is because the appliance will filter out the irritating indoor contaminants.

To know how to choose the right air purifier 2017 and to perk up the air quality in your house, visit,

II. Ways to improve the air quality during your outdoor activities

Nursing edification and practices need to develop in order to address the increase in ecological health issues adequately. You should be ready to make out and evaluate potential ecological health issues associated with your outdoor activities, such as workouts and involving in other activities. Here are the two simple and effective ways to get the pure air. To keep yourself healthy during the seasonal changes, visit,

  1. Adjust your fitness place and habit

During your outdoor activities, particularly during your outdoor workouts, you will breathe the air fast. This means that you will breathe in more allergens. If you are a morning exerciser, you will inhale the hardest of all allergens. This is for the reason that in the morning, airborne allergens will be at their peak. Therefore, fine-tune your outdoor activities to the mid-afternoon. It is also vital where you involve in your outdoor workout. Exercising on an asphalt tennis court, the seashore, in the swimming pool, or the track at a nearby high school is a better option, rather than doing your exercises on a grassy field.

  1. Have a walk or jog immediately the rain stops

This will allow you to inhale the purest air, as the dampness will sweep away the pollen for several hours. However, once the air is dehydrated, take refuge. This is because the extra dampness will generate more mold and pollen, which can linger for some days afterward.

To stay healthy and live with the worst, read “A Family’ Guide to Staying Fit to Survive the Worst

III. How can you get pure air at your workplace?

  1. Identify your allergies

Knowing your allergies will aid you to protect yourself from them. Therefore, have a forearm skin-prick check by introducing the potential allergen solution. If you are allergic, a lump will emerge at your forearm, similar to the bite of a mosquito.

  1. Prevention is better than cure

This means that instead of taking medicines after experiencing allergies, take proper medicines beforehand after consulting your doctor. This will protect you from allergens that are lingering around your workplace.

  1. Use a spray

Using a spray at your office will treat your watery eyes and running noses effectively. This will be quite helpful and safe if the pills are not alleviating your allergic symptoms.

Bottom line

As a nurse, whether it is your home, outdoors, or office, you should be ready to investigate and take steps when you see patterns of ecological health issues. The constructing and upholding of public health infrastructure is extremely vital, cost-efficient and urgently required.

This consists of public health education, efficient surveillance system, sustainable avoidance and control programs, and emergency response system. These will improve the coping ability and will protect you against the present climatic inconsistency and against the upcoming climatic changes.

They will be particularly vital if you are susceptible with little existing coping ability. To know about precautions, you have to take to keep yourself healthy during the spring season, visit,

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