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Coffee is one of the most popular and addicting drinks out there. You can see at least one person holding it any time of the day, passing by a ton of coffee shops with lines longer than sales in the morning! Heck, your office or kitchen probably has a coffee machine everyone uses, too.

Coffee itself has its own health benefits already, which isn’t just about the energy kick. But besides having that energy and concentration for the day ahead, did you know that there’s more to do with coffee that can make it even healthier?

If you’re wondering how to tweak your coffee for better taste and wellness, read on to see the seven hacks to make your coffee healthier! Learn more coffee maker buying & coffee brewing tips at

There are so many ways to make your coffee even healthy than it already is (well, if you’re drinking black coffee). Here are the simple hacks you can follow for a better experience:

1. Drink It Black and Use Organic Beans

Espresso and black coffee without anything in it only contain less than ten calories in one cup. So if you’re looking to cut calories to lose or maintain weight, keep it healthier and order a brew without the added ingredients. Sure, it’s bitter, but you’ll begin to adapt and appreciate the bold flavors!

Also, consider brewing with organic beans, which hold no pesticides or harmful chemicals that enter your body!

2. Go For Almond Milk and No Artificial Stuff!

If you absolutely need milk or creamer in your coffee to sweeten it up, I recommend almond milk. This is considered the healthiest type of milk (if you’re not allergic to nuts!), as it only contains less than 100 calories a serving, compared to whole milk which can contain up to 200 calories a serving.

Avoid artificial creamers as well, which have a ton of ingredients and sugar. Plus, it’s quite calorie-dense!

3. Try Cinnamon or Turmeric

Why not try adding a dash of cinnamon to your coffee? Adding this spice has a ton of benefits other than its added flavor. It can reduce inflammation around your body, improve heart health, and stabilize blood sugars.

If you have turmeric, then try this spice out. Turmeric has a beautiful golden color when mixed in coffee AND the amazing health benefits, such as preventing inflammation and improving your memory.

4. Don’t Drink On an Empty Stomach

This is probably an obvious unhealthy habit, yet so many people still do it! If you’re the type who needs coffee in the morning before breakfast, watch out. It may lead to health risks such as damaged stomach lining and/or more anxiety.

Instead of suffering from bad stomach problems and heightened stress, have a bit of food before drinking caffeine. Also, avoid taking coffee excessively and stop drinking after 3 PM to accommodate your sleeping schedule.

5. What’s Your Mug?

This sounds like such an odd fact but it works! Did you know that your mug’s color influences the way you perceive the sweetness or bitterness of your coffee? It’s not a definitive study, but there are findings that when you drink from a white mug, the coffee is perceived to be more intense compared to drinking from transparent mugs.

While more studies are needed, you might want to consider swapping your mug out for a transparent one to feel like it tastes less bitter, preventing you from adding any artificial sweeteners!

6. Use Butter Instead

Butter isn’t unhealthy as long as you use the quality one in proper amounts! Putting unsalted and grass-fed butter to your coffee adds more energy to your system, more so than sugar and cream. This is also called Bulletproof coffee, which adds flavor and creaminess to your cup with added benefits compared to sugar and milk.

7. Try Adding Chocolate

No, don’t add artificial or chemical-filled chocolate syrups to your coffee! Instead, add a kick of chocolate using unsweetened cocoa or dark chocolate (in moderation). Studies show that dark chocolate holds a lot of health benefits, such as balancing one’s cholesterol. Plus, the added chocolatey flavors is a huge plus for people who love mocha… Without the added calories!

What is your way to make your coffee Healthier?

What makes coffee such a great drink is that you’re able to do so much with it, from iced coffee to shakes, different ways to brew and types of beans to use. And with the proper ways to make it healthier, you can work your way to fitness and wellness with a cup of coffee today!

I hope that this article on the seven hacks to make your coffee healthier helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into using any of these tips now.

If you have any questions to want to share your tips and experiences in making coffee healthier, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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