Essential Gym Rules

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On the road to fitness, hitting the gym becomes essential. But just like going to any other place, going to the gym also requires some etiquette.

Read on to find some necessary gym rules for everyone to have a good workout.

A gym is a place to be when you need some peace and quiet.  Where you tend to forget all the worries of life. Where you just want to pump some iron into your muscles. A place to improve your focus…

Whether you have been going to the gym for decades or have just started it, there are some important gym rules.

Some of these would not make the workouts more fun and comfortable for you only but also for your gym fellows. Even if you work out at home with workout tutorials on your Frontier FiOS Internet, pay attention to the rules!

Gym etiquette is clearly an underrated art. If everyone becomes willing to follow it, your gym will turn into a better and more productive place.

No sweaty and stinky pits right in your face! Or emergency search missions for dumbbells.

No exchange of nasty looks making you feel intimidated and self-conscious!

It may be that you are not getting optimal results because you have not been careful of the gym rules!

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Treat your gym right and don’t mess up the muscle karma.

Rule #1: Put All the Weights Away

Imagine this: You are short of time and you want to hit the gym for a real quick workout. You go to the squats rack and whoa, it is loaded with a massive 500 lbs.!

You don’t really have time to take off all the weight and then start off with the warm-up. You begin to think of not doing it altogether and you actually loathe the person who loaded the bar up so generously.

Don’t be that guy! Always put the weights away after you have used them. Let us reiterate this fact again: unload the bar and put all the plates back in the proper spot.

People will load up again as and when they want. They don’t need this kind of motivation. Let your muscles work a little more while you keep the weights back.

The same is true for any other equipment such as dumbbells.

Rule #2: Don’t Initiate Long, Unnecessary Conversations with People in the Middle of a Strenuous Workout

Picture this: Your friend or an acquaintance is bench-pressing. You feel like going over to them and striking up a conversation. And you see that they are benching 250lbs for reps.

But you still ask them about their weekend or maybe about their recent breakup. And they get distracted and drop the bar to get squashed in the face!

Haven’t you just tried to kill your friend?

You need to understand that lifting and workouts are all about concentration. Allow people to keep their concentration on what they are doing.

Don’t ruin their concentration and just wait patiently for them to finish. You can have all the chitchatting then.

Rule #3: Don’t Walk Past People While They Lift

Again, lifting such massive loads is all about your concentration. Avoid walking in front of anyone who is lifting.

It could be distracting for the lifter. It may cause them to lose their focus. Always make sure you walk behind them.

Rule #4: Don’t Collect Gym Equipment While the Gym is Quite Busy

We all know that a few hours at the gym are more tightly packed than sardines in a jar!

After a long day at work, you hit the gym. You rush to the squat rack and you find that some freak is trying to do a massive set of leg presses, squats, leg extensions, and lunges together.

He has hoarded all the gym equipment around himself. And the other people have no choice but to wait for the equipment to be free. What are your feelings towards this guy?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you simply hate him. And he is hated by so many people. And with those nasty stares and uncomfortable swear words that he has to listen to, the experience is not going to be fun for him either.

So if you are someone who digs giant sets, don’t go to the gym in the rush hours. Don’t occupy more than one or two pieces of equipment at a time.

And if you really want to use a good bunch of equipment, then at least offer people to work out with you.

Rule #5: Wash the Gym Clothes Regularly

The gym is all about sweating and working out. You don’t want to shoo people away with your stinky clothes.

You shouldn’t dry up the sweat-drenched clothes and wear them again the next day. And yes, it is common courtesy. You don’t want to stink up the floor!

Rule #6: Follow the Policy of Clean in and Clean out

Keep the gym neat and clean. The best thing that you should do is to enter the gym with a bathed body and leave it with a bathed body.

Although it’s not a swimming pool, you should shower every day in the morning. It’s good practice to let your body reach its normal temperature after the workout and then shower before leaving.

Also, spray a generous amount of deodorant before you start training.

Rule #7: It May be Termed as the Golden Rule!

Last but not least, be courteous. If you become a douche, expect the same from others. If you are courteous, they will be good to you too.

A bunch of people following all these rules may remind you of the perfect gym scene that you may have seen on your FiOS TV. And yes, that’s what the gym is for.

To relax, to focus, to maintain your body shape, and to socialize in a good manner. If you want to print this list and paste it in your gym’s locker room, be my guest!

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