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Compared to the hand razors, electric shavers are more convenient as there are many features in them like sonic, vibration, multiple shaving heads, and shaving sensors etc. Also, with electric shaver doesn’t come too close to your skin so it prevents cuts and bruises and you can get smooth and clean shaven look easily. So, it is good to use electric shavers instead of hand shavers. But, there are a few things that you need to consider before buying the best electric shavers for barbers so that you can get the best that lasts long. Below guide will help you to know what things you need to keep in mind while choosing an electric shaver:

1. Foil and Rotary

There are two types of electric blades, foil, and rotary. Foil blades are made of a thin curved metal foil. The blades are covered with this foil. For shorter and thinner beard, Foil shavers are best. Moreover, Foil Shavers are best for the persons that have sensitive skin as these are not harsh at all.  On the other hand, Rotary shaver has 3-4 blades that move in circular motion and is useful for the men that have a long beard. Also, for the men that have tougher skin, rotary shavers are best.

2. The Cost of the Shaver

This is the second thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing an electric shaver. So, don’t just go with the expensive ones if you cannot afford them. Instead, choose shavers that are within your budget. But, while doing so, also check the quality of the electric shaver as if you are getting a better quality for paying little extra money, then go for it. You also need to check the costs for the replacement blades and lubricant that you need for that shaver.

3. Included Accessories

When buying an electric shaver do consider what accessories you will get with it as with some electric shavers you can get lubricants but for others, you need to buy that separately. So, it is good to check whether there is anything extra included with the shaver or not as you can save some money this way.

4. Plug-in VS Corded

There are three types of electric shavers when it comes to power supply and consumption and these are, corded razors, battery-powered razors, and razors that have plug-in charging unit. Corded shavers are not in much use these days. The reason is, cords get in the way of shaving. Battery Charging razors also are not much use as they have low efficiency. Razors that have plug-in charging unit can be considered the best as these days most of the razors are of this type. But, before using these razors, make sure they are fully charged so that when there is no power, you can still use them for at least one hour.

5. Easy to Clean

Choose the shavers that are easy to clean as some people have sensitive skins and because of that they are prone to infections. Compared to the rotary razors, foil razors are easier to clean. So, do consider this thing especially when you are not buying more advanced razors that have inbuilt cleaning stations. (See also: Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin)

6. Warranty of Electric Shavers

This is one of the most important factors that you consider while purchasing an electric razor. There are a lot of chances that the shaver you buy doesn’t work because of some fault. And, if you have a warranty, you can get that repaired or get one new for free. So, buy only those electric shavers that have a warranty as you can avoid some unexpected expenses.

7. Battery Life

If you are going with the cordless razors ten you really need to check the battery life of the shaver. Do check that on a full charge for how long it can work and how much time does it take to get fully charged. So, go with the shavers that have longer battery life.

So, these are the factors that you need to remember while choosing an electric shaver. Do, consider all of these as these can surely save you some money and you can get the quality electric shaver that can be used for a longer time.

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