C4 pre workout side effects

Pre-workout refers to a group of bodybuilding supplement products that athletes and weightlifters use to improve their performance. It is taken before a workout to help with energy, endurance, and focus.

Depending on the product, pre-workout supplements may contain a variety of substances, including creatine and caffeine. These supplements are also available in a variety of forms, including capsules and powder.

The first pre-workout supplement was introduced in 1982 and the product has continued to record increased popularity since then.

For decades, the supplement business has been evolving and welcoming newcomers. This development has led to the influx of different brands making it difficult for consumers to differentiate between genuine and effective products and fake ones.

There are, however, several brands that have a solid reputation in the market, one of which is the well-known C4 Extreme Pre-Workout.

There is enough information about C4 Extreme Pre-Workout available online. This supplement provides a burst of energy, blood flow, pumps, and endurance all in one. It also offers an open formula that has no artificial flavors or dyes.

Additionally, you will find that it is completely transparent and contains revolutionary components that aid extraordinary performance.

Ingredients Used in Making C4 Pre-Workout

CarnoSyn Beta-alanine

When it comes to beta-alanine brands, this is the best option. Alanine supplementation is effective at improving power output when lifting loads that are equivalent to an individual’s maximum strength.

While beta-alanine is great for muscle healing and endurance, too much of it can make you itchy or give you a tingling sensation. The big molecules that graze your nerve endings during circulation produce this sensation.

To some, this is a sign that the product is functional and genuine. Others find the sensation irritating.

Citrulline Nitrate as NitraMax NO3-C

We don’t encounter this combination of citrulline and nitrate very often. Citrulline aids in the production of a pump, which can lead to improved muscle performance. It also aids in the improvement of blood flow, which boosts nutrient absorption.

The nitrate component is considered to be a fatigue reliever and endurance enhancer. Citrulline nitrate is essentially a pump and endurance component. Sounds wonderful, however, the 1-gram dose is a little low.

Creatine Nitrate

Creatine is the general pre-workout supplement for muscle healing, growth, and performance. The nitrate boosts creatine’s performance even more, but the dosage isn’t high enough for us to feel confident in its effectiveness.


This is one of the most effective supplements for improving focus and reducing stress. Exercise is stressful and can be discouraging sometimes, so taking something to help you relax will benefit you in the long term.

Tips for Taking Pre-Workout Supplements

The following are some tips to guide you:

  1. Talk to a physician before you commence usage. Self-medication is wrong regardless of how harmless you think a supplement is. It is important that you get expert opinions before you commence usage.
  2. 20 minutes before you exercise, take the pre-workout. This allows the vitamins to take effect.
  3. Take the supplement on a regular basis. This has been found in studies to have better results than utilizing it only once in a while. It aids in the accumulation of the main elements in the body. Your workouts may last longer after 3 weeks, and you may feel less exhausted after a session.
  4. Monitor your system to see if there are serious negative reactions. If you notice any, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

C4 Pre-Workout Side-Effects

The following are some adverse effects that users may experience:

Jittery Feeling

This supplement contains caffeine as one of the main components. Caffeine has proven to improve muscle strength and output while also lowering weariness during exercise.

In principle, caffeine allows you to get more out of an exercise. On the other hand, it has a number of potential negative effects, especially when it is consumed in excess.

Nausea, insomnia, drowsiness, elevated heart rate, anxiety, headaches, and restlessness or jitteriness are some of the symptoms.


Caffeine dosage differs from person to person since some people tolerate it better than others. To avoid negative side effects, start with a small dose of this caffeinated pre-workout supplement and gradually increase your dosage to discover what you can handle.

To prevent insomnia, caffeine should be avoided for at least six hours before your bedtime. You can also go for pre-workout supplements without this ingredient.

Increases Water Retention

Creatine is present in C4 Extreme and it causes some negative effects such as water retention, weight gain, bloating, and digestive difficulties.


By taking a proper dose, you can reduce any negative effects. A loading phase of 4 scoops (20 grams) each day for a minimum of 3 days should be followed by a 3–5-gram daily maintenance dose of creatine.

Triggers Mild Responses

Beta-alanine is an ingredient found in this pre-workout supplement. It is an amino acid that helps you maintain a longer workout by reducing acidity in your muscles. It has also been proven to improve exercise performance and minimize tiredness in high-intensity workouts.

This ingredient can also cause paresthesia which is a tingling sensation in the feet and hands. While this may be considered a harmless reaction of the nervous system, it makes some people feel uncomfortable.


The surest way to lessen the tingling sensation is to take the daily doses in two separate dosages of two to three grams each. You can also use CarnoSyn which aids in the reduction of this negative effect while also enhancing beta-alanine purity.

We hope that this information was useful. Now we will look at some of the benefits of using pre-workout supplements.

Pros of Using Pre-workout Supplements

The following are some pros of using these supplements:

It Improves Your Power and Resilience

This supplement contains Creatine which enhances your power during exercises. It also improves your resilience when carrying heavyweights.

Pre-workout supplements have shown potential in boosting the performance of athletes.

They become less fatigued even when using full power. For more health benefits of creatine, you can read this article.

You Become Alert and Energetic

Caffeine is one of the ingredients used in making this supplement. This stimulant provides energy to the body. It stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), making exercise to be less tasking and tough.

To fully benefit from using this supplement, make sure you take the recommended dosage per body weight.

Give your body time to properly digest before a workout. Doing so will help your body become energetic during exercise.

It Provides Oxygen to the Muscles

Another benefit to gain from using this mix is that it helps you remain strong during tough exercises by delivering oxygen to the muscles. This helps you to perform better during such strenuous workouts.

It Reduces Muscle Breakdown

Protein compounds found in the supplement can help muscles to avoid a breakdown when exercising.

When you take this mix before the workout, you would hardly feel your muscles getting tired even if you just had an intense training session.

Cons of Using Pre-workout Supplements

The following are some cons of using these supplements:

You Can’t Be Too Sure of What it Contains

Sad to say, not all pre-workout supplements are regulated. Like every other industry, there are fake brands posing their products as authentic. These products are neither regulated nor meet any strict guidelines.

To avoid buying such products, make sure you properly research the reputation of any brand before purchasing from them.

Since fake brands can not fully duplicate an original product, check a product’s label for certain things. Ensure that you understand what specific words mean on the ingredient list.

If you would like to understand these specific words, check here: https://www.usada.org/athletes/substances/supplement-411/reduce-risk-testing-positive-experiencing-adverse-health-effects/

You can Gain Weight

It is possible to gain weight when using these supplements. This is because the energy boost you get from using the supplement is from sugar. Sugar is necessary for athletes. It gives them the energy to endure and display resilience. But this sugar can be a problem for other people.

If you take this pre-workout mix before a light training session, you may begin to add weight. Since the workout is not strenuous enough to burn calories from the supplement, this is what leads to weight gain.

So when choosing a pre-workout mix, pick one with less than 100 calories per serving.

Natural Alternatives to Pre-workout Supplements

Here are some options that you may consider:


Renowned for their high magnesium and potassium content, bananas will feed your muscles for whatever demanding workout you do and keep your electrolyte levels in check. They are high in glucose and fructose and both are ideal for boosting athletic performance.


This carbohydrate is easier to digest than other whole grains and contains thiamin, a B vitamin that helps to reduce fatigue and increase energy output.

Coconut Water

Nausea, exhaustion, muscle cramps, headaches, and stiffness can all be caused by a lack of electrolytes in the body.

Coconut water is high in electrolytes and can help replace lost nutrients even more effectively than energy drinks. It’s also a healthier option because it’s lower in calories.


If you would like to try out these pre-workout mix products, choose one with different natural flavors and ingredients. Understand how your body reacts to stimulants before you use them and do not hesitate to stop when you notice any negative reactions.

We also recommend that you consult a doctor before you start using this supplement. This way you will be avoiding any potential negative effects that your body may experience.

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