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Let’s admit it, ladies! Waxing, tweezing and plucking can be an agonizing and a time-consuming task. And it’s so evident, in today’s world, when women are so busy making a living for themselves, sure as hell want to stay away from these tedious jobs called-WAXING.!

That’s when laser hair removal treatment comes to your rescue. So, what exactly does this treatment do? Well, in simpler words laser hair removal treatment helps you remove unwanted pesky hair by exposing them to the laser light which helps in wiping out the hair follicles. Now, to sign up for laser hair removal, there are few things which you always need to keep in mind. We discuss seven such things today. To know more, keep on reading.

1. “It’s a permanent hair removal”-The major Misconception

There’s a major misconception regarding laser hair removal which is that it helps in removing your body hair for eternity. That’s is not true. Laser hair removal does not completely remove body hair instead it slows down one’s hair growth. Its the main job is to wipe out hair follicles which results in slower hair growth. But the thickness of hair growth will definitely be more on the thinner side than that of before the removal procedure. Hair regrowth is common and varies from person to person, due to factors involving hormonal changes.

2. Staying out in the sun is a big NO

Think twice before you go out in the sun if you wish to opt for laser hair removal. It’s always advised to stay indoors when one chooses to go for laser treatment because laser hair removal does not do its job well on sunburned and tanned skin. Winter is the season when one should consider to go for such treatment. Also, you have to keep in mind that since your skin tends to be more on the sensitive side after the treatment, it’s necessary to avoid direct sunlight for at least 72-hour post your session. And always keep a sunscreen handy so that you can apply it frequently to your bare skin when prolonged exposure to the sun.

3. Shave before your treatment starts!

Shaving your body hair just before your treatment starts is a must job you have to do. The best is to shave the area around 10 hours before your treatment. It’s the best way to keep yourself fuzz free during the session and the removal procedure tends to be hassle free since the hair follicle is still intact.undamaged. (See also: Is Laser Hair Removal for Men a Good Idea?)

4. Might not be a pain-free treatment

 In spite of laser hair removal being a pain-free procedure, there are few who might feel a little discomfort post your session. Post every session, a concoction of cooling and healing properties are prescribed to reduce redness and discomfort of the skin. For instance, if your skin is on the drier side, you are likely to feel a little more discomfort than those with oily to normal skin. If you’re on the hairy side, you are prone to feel such discomfort. However, the pain usually subsides after each session.

5. Strict NO to waxing and threading

Preferably, it’s always recommended to stay away from any type of hair pulling activities like waxing and threading and bleaching during the course of your treatment. The main purpose of the laser is to target the hair follicles and destroy them but, if you wax or thread your hair, the laser won’t work. Shaving is something you can always opt for while undergoing a laser treatment. (See also: Everything You Wanted to Know About Laser Hair Removal)

6. Worth the money this treatment costs

If you’re still in the dilemma whether to opt for this treatment or not because of its high price, let me inform you about the fact that this treatment is worth the money in the long run. It’s a one-time investment and is a far better option than regularly going for waxing and plus you’re saving your money and time which you used to spend regularly in parlors. Even if you are not willing to spend this much, you can perform hair removal treatment with your own laser hair removal machines at the comfort of your home.

7. There are a few side effects

The fact that your hair follicles are damaged because of the laser, there are side effects which can result in discomfort, pigmentation, and sometimes scarring. Always ask your doctor to do a small patch test before starting with the treatment. Aftercare is something which you must follow like avoiding direct sunlight post your session, using a soothing moisturizer and sunscreen, keeping your hands away from harsh hair removal tools. Let your skin rest and take a break from all alcohol-based products.

That’s it then! These were some of the most important factors which you always need to keep in mind before you decide to go for laser hair removal. We hope this helps you. If it did, please comment on your experiences.

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