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Every New Years hundreds of people make a New Year resolution to lose weight, become more active and get back in shape. Where most of the people go back to the same routine and wait for next New Years Eve for yet again the same resolution but few stay determined and lose weight. If you are planning to knock of few extra pounds and need some motivation to stick to the plan then this is these pointers will. Losing weight not only makes you look beautiful but also has many other benefits. So if you are planning to lose weight then it’s time to renew your gym membership and get new gym clothes using vouchers from By Discount Codes and lose weight.

What happens when you lose oodles of weight?

It is said even if a person loses 10% of its body weight he can get rid of all his physical pain, swellings, and inflammations. So imagine what all can happen when you will lose all the extra weight. These are the few things you will notice when you are on the road to weight loss:

  • You sleep better: Better quality of sleep is important and nothing can replace night sleep. So if you have been struggling with proper sleep and used to wake up drowsy then it’s time to enjoy a sound sleep. Yes, when a person loses just 10% of the body weight the quality of sleep increases and one can enjoy a deep and profound sleep without waking up from time to time. It works wonders for people with sleep apnea as well.
  • You craving for spicy food decreases: As we lose weight our choice of food also changes. Obese people tend to eat a lot to achieve a level of satisfaction which results in an intake of a lot of spicy and salty food. But as we lose weight, the need to consume a lot of salt diminishes and food choices become mostly basic raw veggies, steamed veggies, and fruits because of shrinking of stomach leading to a reduction of appetite.
  • Increase in retention and memory: It’s true your retention power will increase. It is often found that obesity results in brain fog and lethargy which mean you may forget things but when you start losing weight your brain becomes active too and retains essential information. So forget that your boss will think you are absent minded as you will be physically and mentally present what’s more your cognitive skills will also improve.
  • You may feel cold more than usual: Yup! You might need an extra pullover or turn up the heat as you might feel cold. It happens because thyroid hormones may decrease which leads to feeling cold and chilly than usual. One of the reasons obese people do not feel much cold in comparison to slim people because their thyroid hormone is more than normal.
  • You are more energetic as ever: Gone are the days when you suffered from sluggish metabolism because now you will simply love your new found energy and won’t mind burning it. Daily chores which became a burden will become easy and any chance to go for a run or Zumba class will be nothing less than a treat as till then you will be addicted to the endorphin release that happens after a rigorous physical workout.
  • Mental health will improve: Do you want to control your mind? Lead a calmer and stress-free life? Well, your mind will automatically calm down as with the release of endorphins and balancing of serotonin level you will feel happy and stress level will decrease.
  • The immune system will become strong: Lastly, your immunity will become strong and many infections will disappear. Whether you are suffering from common cold or itchiness or dry skin; it will reduce marginally and will increase your immune system. Now you can easily bid adieu to medical prescriptions and visit the doctor.

To conclude, Get a proper diet and start with 40 minutes of walk or work out at least 5 days a week.  So if all you required was the push to start your fitness regimen then it’s time to pull up your socks and start working out.

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