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Yoga is always helpful and refreshing, but when you are pregnant, it gets important that you pay attention to yoga moves in a sincere manner.  This is an art that has always done well to people and has been doing the same. But when it comes to a physical or medical condition, it is important to be sure about the precautions you should take.

Remember that pregnancy is not at all the time to push you to reach new heights in yoga or even try to extend your yoga capabilities. The aim of yoga during the time of pregnancy is to maintain flexibility, lessen aches such as lower back pain, diminish stress, and anxiety, and grow breath control and cater your bonding time with your little one. Remember that your body is working hard to cultivate and permit your baby to grow. You should do as much yoga as you can do, and there should be no hesitation to take a small rest or nap in between. (See also: 7 Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life)

1. Compressing or Twisting Moves

As your pregnancy progresses, various asanas can begin to feel restrictive and uncomfortable. It would be good if you avoid or modify poses that do compress the stomach. It is simply because it can possibly decrease circulation or even compresses blood vessels and nerves that link up to the uterus. You cannot take any chance with the circulation of blood that might be affected by poses like:

  • Boat Pose
  • Spinal Twist towards Knees
  • Moon Posture and so on.

2. Prone Poses

Since you are progressing during your nine-month journey, it is going to get tougher not to notice the growing bump. As the little one grows, it puts pressure on the surrounding organs and squashes them.  Since that is the case, you must avoid prone postures and do not lie down on your tummy. It is going to put additional pressure on your stomach and organs. The poses that can harm you and you should avoid are:

  • Cobra Posture
  • Locust Posture
  • Bow Posture,
  • Swan Posture and so on.

3. Fast Flowing Postures or jumps from place to place

During the time of pregnancy, you must avoid doing yoga asanas or arrangements and sequences swiftly. Grounding and more healing postures are better for supporting your growing fetus, and it shall help with complications that might arise during this time. If you are doing fast flowing postures or making any jumps during yoga practice, it might be risky for you and your baby. It can add pain to your belly or simply give you strain. It is better to avoid these moves strictly.  Any type of jerk or jolt is dangerous for your pregnancy time. Avoid the following moves:

  • Fast flowing postures
  • Jumps
  • Any type of jolts

4. Severe stretches

With the passing time of pregnancy, as the secretion of relaxing enhances, the ligaments soften.  In groundwork for the birth, your body goes through increased flexibility. Since the joints are softer and much more malleable, it can head to pelvic and joint instability or even pulled ligaments. Concentrate on stabilizing the body in every single asana. Make sure you are aware of knees.

  • Wheel Posture
  • Fish Posture
  • Camel Posture

5. Lying Flat On Back

Some trainers may tell you not to lie flat on your back. You know lying flat on your back for a lengthy period of time can compress your inferior vena cava. It is an important vein that returns deoxygenated blood from your lower body back to the heart. It can even worsen lower back pain, heartburn, and even, uplift blood pressure. It is okay to lay on your back for a short time, but if you begin to feel uneasy, make sure you change the posture immediately. You have to avoid the posture like:

  • Corpse Posture

Thus, remember that every single person has her own sets of challenges that she comes across during pregnancy. Depending on what they are, you can eradicate or modify your postures and moves. It would be good if you consult with a certified Yoga expert or a trainer who at least completed yoga teacher training in Rishikesh before you modify your moves. You must not take any chance with your health and baby.

About The Author:

Devakar Sandhu is a certified yoga trainer at Ekam Yogashala and providing yoga teacher training in India since 2010. He teaches about the yoga postures and asanas that are good and that can be harmful in particular medical conditions.

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