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Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. To achieve that perfect look, it’s very important to plan everything in as much detail as possible. Be it bride and bridegroom attire, makeup, and other accessories. Jewelry plays a significant part in completing that beautiful look. Selecting the right kind of jewelry is very crucial. One mistake and it can spoil the entire bridal look.

Selection of jewelry for the most important day of life should be made beforehand. If you want some specific design, it’s better to give the order in advance as the making of jewelry takes time. Be careful while selecting each and every piece of the bridal jewelry. Always select the jewelry that goes with your bridal attire and adds elegance to your bridal look.

When you start planning for your bridal jewelry, try to set a budget. A wide range of bridal jewelry is available in the market. There is no upper limit as far as jewelry pieces are concerned. The chances of spending much more than what you have decided are always quite high. The pre-decided budget would prevent you from spending an excessive amount on bridal jewelry. Always purchase jewelry from a trusted source and always get the proper certificate for the same.

Some tips which may help you in selecting the perfect jewelry for your wedding day are discussed below.

1. Choose Your Jewelry According to Your Bridal Dress

When a bride thinks about her wedding look, the first thing that comes to her mind is her wedding dress. The very first thing that almost all the would-be brides prefer buying is their wedding dress. Hence, it is very important that your jewelry should complement your wedding attire and your overall look. Select the jewelry as per the fabric of your bridal attire. Platinum, white gold or silver pieces go very well with white bridal attire. If you are going for an ivory-colored dress, then go for gold jewelry pieces. Similarly, you can check engagement rings on Linara’s website. If possible, try to choose rings which go with your bridal dress.

2. Keep Your Jewelry Simple. (Avoid Too Many Colors)

Try to keep your bridal jewelry as simple as possible. Your bridal jewelry should not outdo your wedding attire. It should blend with the overall look. Try to avoid jewelry pieces which have too many colors in them. It is advisable to buy single or bi-colored jewelry pieces

3. Keep Your Hairstyle in Mind While Selecting Earrings

Planning a perfect bridal look is quite tricky. You have to make sure that everything should blend well together and add to your natural beauty and your personality. While selecting earrings, do consider your hairstyle. If you are planning to keep your hair loose, then think whether you should spend money on a pair of statement earrings or not. The reason is, they might not be even visible with your hair down. Similarly, choose a tiara, comb, or vine that goes with your hairstyle and complement your bridal dress.

4. Select the Jewelry Suits Your Skin Tone

While selecting the wedding jewelry, always keep your skin tone in mind. It’s advisable to try the jewelry piece before purchasing. This would give you an idea, whether the jewelry piece suits your skin tone or not.

5. Don’t Forget to Follow Fashion Trends

While selecting your bridal jewelry, always keep the ongoing fashion trend in your mind. You can select a wedding jewelry design, which can be worn at other events also.

6. Choose Nose Ring According to Personality

Wearing a nose ring or Nath is an important wedding tradition in various parts of India. Brides should select a nose ring or Nath that suits their face cut and personality. It is also essential to select the nose ring that blends with other bridal jewelry pieces.

7. Go Stylish When It Comes to Anklets and Toe Rings

Toe rings and anklets look beautiful on a bride and give her the appearance of a goddess. Wearing anklets and toe rings during the wedding ceremony is considered very auspicious. You can always add a style statement by blending the tradition of wearing toe rings and anklets with modern designs. Wide range of toe rings and anklets are available in the market, you can select one which goes with your wedding dress.

Other things which you should keep in mind while purchasing your bridal jewelry is your neckline, the weight of your jewelry pieces, the theme of your wedding, etc.

No matter whatever you select as a jewelry piece, make sure it goes with your personality, and you should be comfortable wearing them. Most of the Indian wedding ceremonies takes lots of time, so remember you would be wearing those jewelry pieces for the entire ceremony. Hence, detailed planning and careful selection are very important while selecting those beautiful bridal jewelry pieces.

It’s your wedding, your day, and you have full right to live your dream and be the princess and sit on that wedding chair. Just select jewelry pieces which male you look and feel beautiful.

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This Post is written by Mike Khorev and he is the Content Editor of Linara Custom Jewellery that offers custom engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewellery.

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