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Decades ago, protein bars were little more than candy bars with a bit of extra protein. In the 1980s and early 1990s in particular, a protein bar had a sand-like mouthfeel, a fairly doughy texture, and the flavor definitely wasn’t all that impressive or appetizing.

Thankfully, however, times have changed. Protein bars of today are not only absolutely delicious but they are loaded with tons of protein and other added health benefits.

These delicious snack bars can be eaten for breakfast, pre-workout, post-work, or pretty much at any time of the day.

They come in an almost unlimited array of flavors, such as banana chocolate, vanilla crunch, strawberry cream, and even matcha tea flavored.

If you’re seeking out a delicious protein bar for your particular needs, then you will have an easy task identifying one as there are just so many options to choose from.

In the article below we’ll discuss some of the core benefits of eating a protein bar. As you’re about to read, there are many benefits to regularly consuming protein bars.

As far as drawbacks are concerned, there are essentially zero reasons not to regularly enjoy a mouthwatering and delicious protein snack.

The Top 7 Benefits of Protein Bars

1. Get a Pre-Workout Protein Blast

As any weight lifter or bodybuilder will tell you, your body burns extra protein during a workout.

When you eat a protein bar before a workout, you can give your body the protein and added energy that it needs to fuel your cardio or heavy lifting sessions.

Some protein bars even have natural caffeine in them, geared especially for pre-workout intake.

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2. Meal Replacement

We don’t always have time to get a full meal in, especially a nutritious meal. This is especially the case if we are late for school, work, or are en route to an important meeting.

With protein bars, you can grab one and eat it on the go, thus ensuring that you get the proper amount of protein that your body needs.

Protein bars usually have more than just protein, many brands have tons of other nutritional goodies within their bars, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, iron, and other things that your body needs.

3. They’re Portable

Another great aspect of protein bars is their calorie and protein-rich and completely portable. You can travel with one in your pocket, glove box, lunch box, or just leave it on your desk at work.

Thankfully, protein bars can be stored at room temperature and do not require refrigeration. Protein bars are particularly great to bring along when traveling or backpacking.

Chocolate-free protein bars that contain nuts, seeds, and dehydrated fruits are even able to withstand hot temperatures without melting or losing their structure.

4. Post-Workout Recovery Snack

When you finish an intense workout it is not uncommon to be absolutely starving. This is the natural reaction that your body will feel due to draining itself of energy, protein, and vital nutrients.

Eating a protein bar post-workout can immediately work to replenish your body’s energy and protein reserves, as well as giving your system a much-needed carbohydrate boost.

Triathletes and endurance athletes will often eat 2-3 protein bars in one sitting after they’ve completed a longer than usual workout or run.

5. They’re Absolutely Delicious

Long gone are the days when protein bars just didn’t taste good. These days they are so delicious. Raspberry cream, matcha tea, and white chocolate, peanut butter fudge, blueberry caramel, or almonds and dark chocolate.

The sheer variety of different flavors of protein bars that are available make selecting one easy. The best approach is to try as many of them as you can, that way you know which ones taste the best.

Many stores sell protein bars individually, so you don’t have to worry about being forced to buy a giant box of them.

6. Some Products are Vegan

It is not uncommon to find protein bars that meet the dietary standards of the vegan diet. These types of protein bars use plant-based protein sources, such as green pea protein, spinach leaf protein, soy protein, bean protein, vegan chocolate bars, and other vegan sources.

In fact, there are many companies that specialize in vegan sports supplements, so it is extremely easy and convenient to find these products online or at local sports supplement retailers.

Vegan protein bars are usually very affordable and not any more expensive than whey protein or non-vegan bars.

7. Increase Your Energy

One of the fundamental benefits of consuming a protein bar is that it can dramatically increase your daily energy levels.

Most protein bars are filled with ingredients designed to not only fuel your protein needs but also to provide your body with energy that will last throughout the whole day.

Many of the healthy fats and carbohydrates built into protein bars are slow-burning, so they won’t leave your energy levels crashing down.

On the contrary, they’ll get you through the most intense workouts and leave you feeling energized and powerful.


Don’t shy away from protein bars if you’re convinced that they haven’t changed much over the last couple of decades.

They have absolutely evolved into not only extremely delicious products, but they’re also extremely healthy for you and can deliver a broad assortment of vital nutrition to your body.

The other great thing about them is you can buy them based on your own specific and personal needs.

If you’re cutting down, then you can purchase low-calorie protein bars with lean protein. If you’re bulking up, then you can buy protein bars loaded with extra calories.

If you only consume vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, or other dietary-specific foods, then worry not, as there is guaranteed to be a protein bar that fits your dietary conditions.

As we’ve already said, the easy part is choosing the right protein bar for you, as there are just so many delicious options to choose from.

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