One of the most common struggles for most adults is getting enough sleep each night. It can be easy to find yourself tossing and turning before waking up exhausted in the morning. If you want to get to sleep more easily, there are a few essential steps to take during your bedtime routine to help yourself doze off.

  1. Focus on Your Breathing

Instead of trying to get comfortable as you fall asleep each night, give more attention to your breathing. Changing the pattern of your breath will allow you to relax and feel more at ease when it’s time for your slumber. Experts recommend inhaling through your nose and filling your lungs with plenty of air before exhaling through the mouth. Take twice as long to exhale when releasing all of the air out of the lungs.

You can also inhale for a total of four seconds and hold your breath for seven seconds before exhaling for eight seconds. Repeat the breathing routine to make yourself fall asleep.

  1. Journal

It can be easy to lay awake for several hours each night if your mind is filled with different thoughts, worries, and reminders. Make it a point to have a journal nearby where you can jot down your thoughts and get them out of your mind until you wake up the next morning.

You’ll avoid overthinking and can finally relax once you’re ready to get into bed and allow yourself to get some rest.

  1. Keep Your Room Cooler

Many people are surprised to learn that the temperature of their bedroom can make it difficult to fall asleep each night. Your body temperature needs to drop a few degrees to make yourself fall asleep, making it necessary to keep your room between 60 to 67 degrees. Use an overhead ceiling fan, open up the window, or turn the air conditioner on to reach the right temperature and allow air to circulate throughout the night.

  1. Use Lavender

Lavender is not only a pleasant scent to use in your room but will also help you to get into a deep sleep within minutes of laying down. The aroma of lavender is proven to relax and calm the body, making it necessary to use it in a diffuser that is turned on 20 minutes before going to bed. You can also consider sniffing lavender for two minutes before going to sleep. Spritzing it on the sheets on your bed in a spray bottle will also be useful.

  1. Practice Acupressure

Acupressure is a form of acupuncture that allows energy to flow throughout the body when it’s used. You can restore the function of your body and regulate your body by putting excess pressure on different points on the head, feet, and hands. The best places to apply pressure is between your eyebrows, on the ears, and between the first and second toes on each foot.

  1. Increase Your Comfort

Your comfort level will ultimately determine how relaxed you feel when trying to fall asleep. Get a comfortable bed that forms to your body but still provides enough support. Use silky and soft sheets and bedding that is comfortable and will allow you to feel at ease.

Placing a pillow between your legs will also allow your spine to be supported and will reduce aches or pains that you may experience during the night.

  1. Use Your Imagination

Using your imagination can trick your mind into thinking that you’re dreaming before you’ve fallen asleep. Try imagining yourself at your favorite place, whether it’s at the beach, in the mountains, or in a museum. You can envision yourself having the perfect day and watch yourself participate in the activities that you enjoy doing. Thinking pleasant thoughts will allow you to become distracted by the imagery and will let you relax and enjoy spending more time in your thoughts.

Falling asleep doesn’t have to be a chore each night when you want to avoid being restless for several hours. With the right steps taken, you can relax your body and mind and get ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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