Make Your Lips More Attractive

As soon as the year leaves in October, the whole body starts to draw dryness and parch out. Especially the lips are the weakest spot to attract the dry weather.

Moreover, it becomes extremely difficult to recover from the dried and wizened lips. No matter how much essential care you add to your fashion, if your lips aren’t attractive enough, the whole struggle is thrown into the trash.

Moreover, lipsticks are one of the most valuable items in any women’s life. But, sadly, they are not even enough to make your lips attractive.

The remarkable quality makeup also fails in case of bad lips. Many women opt for practices like lips injections and therapies to increase the expressive attractiveness of their lips.

Granted, you give day-to-day care to your lips, but in reality, they are not enough. The top defects in the lips include dryness, along with peeling, unordered stoutness, and more.

Not only the physical but the fluctuation on the top levels are also a reason for the unappealing lips.

However, there are still different and easy ways that you can quickly adapt to make drop-dead gorgeous lips.

Let’s discuss 10 ways to make your lips more attractive than ever:

1. Exfoliation

One of the most remarkable practices to make your lips more attractive is exfoliation. It is the process of getting rid of dead skin cells through peeling.

The peeling is done by using cosmetic chemicals that remove the dead cells while nourishing the existing ones. You can exfoliate your lips by using different scrubs that also suit your skin.

Moreover, also consult your dermatologist to identify what kind of scrubs will work for exfoliation on your lips.

The easiest process without any scrub is by applying the lip balm before sleep. After that, brush your lips carefully to shed all the dead skin that regenerates over time.

2. Cleaning

We all know the importance of cleaning the body and how it nourishes the skin. The same advice goes for the lips, which usually don’t receive the cleaning like others.

Plus, your lips are more exposed to dust and pollution, which results in dry lips. Food, drinks, and lipsticks are another reason the lips are always ignored for maintaining care and beauty.

Many dermatologists recommend washing your lips twice a day. Apart from washing, applying a little amount of honey after each wash moisturizes the lips and ensures their protection from a harsh environment.

3. Hydration

Hydration holds many benefits for your body, especially the lips. Only the water maintains the position and health of the body parts.

Drinking plenty of water each day assists in providing the body with enough water sources to work efficiently.

On the other side, ignoring water consumption increases the risk of dehydration which is the worst condition and threatening to the body. It not only targets your physical appearance but can also endanger your kidneys.

Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water each today to maintain the body’s needs for water. Dry lips are the first symptoms of dehydration, but a proactive approach can always prove better results for the whole body.

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4. Lip Balm

Lip balm is also an important item to nourish the lip’s health. Lips can never survive the dry and polluted air, which becomes the destruction for them.

However, using the lip balm helps in recovering from dryness and stale skin and makes the lips easy on the eye. The miniaturization abilities of the lip balms aid in increasing the attractiveness of the lips.

Sometimes dryness becomes pretty harsh and feels aching on the lips. While applying a lip balm soothes the dried lips and heals the damaged skin cells.

5. Massage

A light massage on your lips also helps in keeping the shape and look of your lips. Your lips never rest, in fact, they are consumed all the time.

The fact that the whole body needs rest and exercise for proper blood flow, the same importance is for lips too.

Lips also need proper rest and massage to increase blood flow, which promotes the healing of the lip skin.

6. Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizers

Moisturizers are a very important component for any type of lip skin, especially the skin that is exposed to dry air and pollution. Ignoring the benefits of moisturizers exposes the lips to vulnerability.

However, moisturized and healthy lips are always appealing and sultry among women.

Aloe Vera gel has the finest moisturizing abilities that make your lips shiny and healthy for longer periods.

Make natural aloe Vera paste in your home and then massage them on the lips for about fifteen minutes. After that rinse your lips with warm water.

7. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, pomelo, or grapefruit are the perfect dietary items for lips.

Consuming citrus fruits or their juices ensures a bright appearance along with removing wrinkles from the lips.

Moreover, a few drops of citrus on the lips increases their immunity and fresh look for the whole day.

Avoid contact of the citrus with sore skin because it will make it worse rather than shielding it.

8. Protect from Sun

Sun radiation is not a healthy thing for your skin. Not the fact that it holds great importance in protection from cancer, but the lower wavelength ultraviolet rays are dangerous for lips.

Lips hold very less melanin which makes them clearly exposed to ultraviolet radiation to attack.

Meanwhile applying the lip balms like SPF 15 nourishes and protects by adding an extra layer during the day.

9. Right Lipsticks

Lipsticks are beautifying items that make the appearance of lips better.

Meanwhile, many women ignore the fact of choosing the right lipsticks for their lips shape and question why they are not charming.

Finding lipsticks that have low pigments with light color is important for developing striking lip lines.

Moreover, applying a primer before the lipstick is also a reputable practice to produce tender and soft lips.

10. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very essential and effective compound that has many benefits for the skin.

Applying vitamin E on your lips is very beneficial for its ability to generate fresh skin cells to increase circulation.

Find lipsticks that contain vitamin E instead, rather than the branded matte sunbaked pieces.


Getting pink, attractive, and healthy lips is everyone’s desire, which is possible by keeping proper care and precautions on your side.

On the other side, skin tones never come with similar attributes. For instance, some skins are sensitive while some skin adapts to the environment quickly.

This fact supports the behavior of lips to different levels of lipsticks, lip balms, and healthiness for you.

With that said, never lose hope on your side even if you use branded cosmetic products.

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