Golf Can Help With Your Health

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Golf isn’t generally thought of as a particularly challenging sport, physically speaking.

We all have the mental image of older rich white guys in polo shirts, occasionally walking around with golf bags, sometimes taking a swing or two with their best golf clubs, and not much else, really, aside from talking.

As it turns out, however, golf is quite an involving sport that engages your entire body, as well as your mind. Especially if you have the complete sunday golf accessories this will make you more competitive in playing and winning the game.

By the end of the day, you’ve pretty much been through a complete workout and can reap various health benefits from it. Here are some of the most important health benefits of golf.

#7 Light physical workout

Do you know how a lot of people say that walking is healthier than running?

It has something to do with a less intense workout being repeated for a long time is it not only much safer but also more effective than a short but intense workout session? Golfing follows this pattern.

As a low-impact activity, golfing helps you get all the nice benefits that come from it while helping you avoid any sort of injury.

This applies regardless of your skill level – beginners can choose the most forgiving driver to make extra certain their wrists won’t get injured.

#6 Improved cardiovascular functions

This ties into golf being a low-impact workout. Any type of workout, even simple walking, pumps more blood into your heart, resulting in improved blood flow and various other long-term benefits. These include a reduced risk of diabetes and stroke, a greater reduction in harmful cholesterol, etc.

However, keep in mind that there is no magic trick that will help your heart. You’ll only really reap the physical benefits that come with golfing if you stick to a healthy diet and make golf your regular physical activity.

If that’s not doable, at least make sure you have some form of physical exercise as often and as regularly as possible.

#5 Staying trim and fit

While your heart is definitely an important organ, you’ll also see you can lose a lot of weight through golfing.

The reason for this is quite simple – with 18 holes in around and the spaces between holes being massive – and let’s not forget the fact that not every shot ends with a hole-in-one – you’ll be spending a lot of time walking. from one end of the golf course, and that in itself is a solid workout. Before you notice, you’ll start losing a lot of weight and simply get in much better shape.

#4 Stress reduction

Physical activity is great for increasing the supply of endorphins your brain naturally gives you.

Golf combines that with other beneficial factors, such as spending time with your friends and walking around in beautiful natural landscapes.

All of this combines into a mix that is just bound to make you exceptionally happy.

#3 A better sleeping schedule

Taking in all that fresh air and spending all day on what amounts to a solid workout is bound to leave you tuckered out by the end of the day.

You’ll fall asleep faster and your sleep will be much deeper, which gives your body ample opportunity to help you really relax and repair.

Do this regularly, and you’ll have a healthy sleeping schedule with little effort.

#2 More brain power

Regular workouts on their own have been proven to improve cognitive skills, but combine that with many problem-solving activities that golf entails, and you’ve got yourself a reliable way to boost your brain’s overall performance.

This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

#1 A key to a longer life

Several studies have indicated that golfers tend to live a longer life. Whether it’s the physical activity, nature, the social aspect, or greater life satisfaction is still unclear, however.

Most likely, it’s a mixture of all those factors. Make golf a part of your regular life and you can increase your life expectancy by over 5 years.

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Rachel Connolly is a young wife of a wonderful husband and a mother of two great daughters. She loves watching and playing sports, especially golf. Rachel often spent her holidays golfing with her family and traveling to exotic countries.

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