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The summer break is going on. Of course, the best way to celebrate the end of a school year is by taking your friends for a short summer break this weekend. Don’t worry that you are a student. It doesn’t mean that you are too young to travel alone. Again, you shouldn’t worry about your student budget. A cheap summer is real if you know where to go. Here are the top interesting destinations you should consider when planning a road trip with your friends. Of course, there are many different restrictions on your way but there is always a solution. Thus, under 21 car rental in Orlando or any other American city can solve your problem with transportation. Booking apps can help you to find a comfortable stay for one night. As you can see, a weekend budget trip is real. And you don’t even need to go out of the country.


1. Bahamas

If you love nature and want to see more unique places, you don’t need to go abroad. Go to the Bahamas. This is a place of white-sand beaches and interesting water activities like fishing, boating, scuba diving. Also, this is a great place for duty-free shopping, and cheap hostels. If you want to save more money, you can take an all-inclusive package. It includes most of the activities and island excursion. Yeah, all-inclusive for students is real!

2. New Orleans

It can be the brightest weekend for you and your friends. Of course, it is better to visit New Orleans on carnival period. The streets are brightly decorated and full of people. It is noisy and joyously everywhere. Also, this is a real budget place for students. You can buy a cheap hotel or take a one-day pass. This ticket may include access to riding a city bus any number of times. That’s really good if you forgot to rent a car or left it on the city parking somewhere far from you.

3. Myrtle Beach

This place is situated in South Carolina. This is a popular resort in this territory. The beaches are clean and well-organized. Of course, there are many amusement parks along the seashore. You may visit the Ripley’s Aquarium, and any other entertainment option you can find here. Rental a hotel room is not expensive. Also, you can visit a tourism board to find many coupons for cheap attractions, shopping.

Myrtle Beach


4. Denver

Denver is a huge city, full of free activities for budget tourists. If you like free attractions, you can try hiking and biking around the city. Of course, you can use public transport. It is cheap and safe. What about the hostels? You can find a room per $19 per night. Denver has many attractions to amaze you. How about visiting a Coors Brewery for free? By the way, visiting museums and city exhibitions is inexpensive. Nature views all are free to visit. Just take some food and go hiking up in the mountains.

5. Oklahoma

This city offers you the best places to rest for college students. The museums are cheap but not very interesting. Nevertheless, you can go hiking or improve your physical condition at the Sandridge Sky Trail. This is the way to get over your phobia of heights. The most popular and cheap food here is a fried onion burger. Don’t forget to visit the CurioCity inside the Science Museum. Oklahoma is a place where you can find different attractions on different tastes.



6. Dublin

You may visit Dublin if you are hungry for cultural attractions. Such legendary places as the Guinness House, Dublin Castle, Temple Bar are recommended to visit. They are cheap and can tell you much about the Irish culture. Ireland is a green country so you can find many big parks and gardens in Dublin. This is a place to relax, have a picnic with friends, or spend your night in the local pub. It’s up to you.


Image Source: Pexels

7. Phoenix

This is a very popular touristic attraction that many budget travelers come to visit every year. Of course, this is a place of cheap bikes, hiking trails, and other adrenaline-giving entertainments. What is more, you can visit many of available world-famous museums, spend time in the city parks and gardens. Don’t think about shopping here, it is better to pack your touristic gear and go camping. Transportation in Phoenix is cheap if you ride a Metro or buy a city travel pass for $3.50 only.

As you can see, it is not a problem to find a cheap place to go with friends in the USA or even in Europe. Everything depends on your budget and travel skills. Of course, you can find a place where you can do what you like and always wanted to.

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