Boost Your Mood Naturally

There are many ways to increase positivity and boost your mood naturally. However, many of these methods to feel better and reduce anxiety are overlooked.

There are many things that can be done to make you feel better when you aren’t at your best. It’s important to be aware of these things in order to live a happier and more peaceful life.

In this article, we will discuss seven tried and tested methods to boost your mood naturally and feel more positive about life in general.

7 Ways To Feel Good Right Now

Tip1: Eat Better

Eating a healthier, more balanced diet is a sure-fire way to boost your mood and feel good.  Overly processed foods can lead to depression due to the surplus of chemicals and toxins that are found within them.

By eating a healthier, plant-based diet, you will find that you will begin feeling better.  Here are a few pointers for healthy eating:

  • Eat foods that are low in sugar
  • Reduce carbohydrate intake
  • Focus on adding more plant-based foods to your diet
  • Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants

If you focus more on eating better, you will see the benefit of your mental health.

Tip 2: Stay Active

Staying active is a great way to feel better. Have you ever experienced one of those days that you felt like you just couldn’t get out of bed? This is a common feeling many people experience all the time.

Stay Active

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Staying active isn’t just working out, although that certainly is an important part. There are many ways to stay active and productive throughout the day.

If you focus on staying active, whether it be by doing exercise or chores around the house, you will see a huge benefit to your mood. Additionally, you will notice that life doesn’t seem so stressful because you’re getting things done.

Tips for staying active:

  • Exercise regularly (even if just a brisk walk)
  • Do your laundry (or hire someone for laundry services near you)
  • Clean up around the house
  • Play with the kids 

Tip 3: Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Keeping your sleep schedule in check is a great way to feel the benefits of a boost to your mood. Getting approximately 7-9 hours of sleep is needed in order for people to function well and feel their best.

Anything less can lead to feelings of depression, lethargy, and anxiousness. If you want to fight feelings of depression, put more focus on getting the rest that you need. 

Tip 4: Talk To Someone 

Tip 4 is a very important tip that often gets overlooked. As humans, we naturally want to keep our negative feelings within. However, this is not the best thing to do if we want to promote feelings of well-being and a more positive outlook and mood.

Talk To Someone

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Talking to someone can take on many different forms. However, if you’re looking to feel better and more optimistic about life, you should certainly consider talking to someone.

You could call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while or go see a therapist. If that’s not your thing, volunteer and get out of yourself. You’ll be talking to people and focusing on helping them rather than on your troubles.

Additionally, taking a more unconventional approach can work as well. Many people consult with psychics and spiritual mediums and say it works wonders.  NYC psychic and spiritual expert Lisa is a great one located in the heart of New York City!

Tip 5: Meditation

Using meditation not only increases feelings of positivity and well-being, but it has also been said to change your brain. There are many different types of meditation and spiritual healing. Whether you do a traditional guided meditation or something else, it really doesn’t matter. The important thing is to work with an expert.

In addition to using meditation, you can use crystal healing to increase the feeling of well-being and add it to your routine. Learn more about that in this article here on a comprehensive guide to crystals and crystal healing.

Tip 6: Take A Warm Bath 

It’s amazing how your mood can improve and feelings of stress can melt away when you relax and take a warm bath. Doing so, you will increase positive feelings and feel more positive overall.

Take A Warm Bath 

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Try taking a bath right before bed. This will also help you unwind and destress. You can use this bath oil DIY recipe for an added benefit:

Soothing Essential Oil DIY Bath Recipe 

Add these essential oils directly to bath and soak up feelings of positivity as you rejuvenate.

Essential Oils:

  • 12 drops lavender
  • 3 drops bergamot
  • 6 drops clary sage oil
  • 6 drops marjoram

Tip 7: Drink some tea

Drinking tea is a great way to unwind and feel good. There are many different types of tea that deal with a multitude of mental and physical issues. If you visit your local grocery store or a health food store, we’re sure you’ll find something that meets your needs.

You can choose from teas that promote better sleep to antioxidant teas and still others that are known to relax the mind. Do a little research and find a tea that meets your needs. The choice is yours but we’re sure you’ll reap the benefits!


Life isn’t always easy however it doesn’t always have to be hard. If you dedicate time to doing things that can make you feel good, we’re sure you can enjoy the benefits of a happy and full life.

We hope this post has taught you some simple ways to increase positivity and boost your mood naturally.

About the Author:

Mary Beth Gossman is a freelance writer, poet, and lifestyle coach living in NYC.  Mary Beth is committed to writing content to support healthy living and does so on a variety of platforms. Connect with Mary Beth on LinkedIn.

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