Overcome Mental Health Issue

The Covid-19 pandemic has been affecting not only the livelihood but the mental health of people having this issue before.

There is a 100% fact when people say that the enhanced community quarantine is not the same for everybody.

For the poorest of the poor, they are struggling to find a cent to buy food on the table. The mentally unstable person is having a hard time coping with all the people around them and limited activities.

The most common cause of mental health issues is they overthink, and working several jobs helps you pre-occupied with work.

Now that everyone must stay at home for safety, how will you handle mental instability when the government extended the quarantine?

Here are the things that you can do at home to address the mental health issue:


Many people find pleasure and enjoyment in working out, whether they set a definite goal to get fit or not. Working out helps reduces stress and will keep your mind pre-occupied from overthinking. There are plenty of work-out routines to choose from.

Find pleasure and enjoyment in working out

Cardio fitness – this is the best work-out of choice because it is inexpensive. Most of the time, you only need a protective mat. Also, there are plenty of cardio fitness choices that you can do at home. Examples are:

  • Jumping jacks – a simple exercise as jumping and doing rhythmically with your feet spread wide and clapping hands up high. Then set foot together and hands beside your tight.
  • Jump rope – another jumping exercise but with a little twist. You need to jump, avoiding contact with the feet.
  • Push-ups – straighten your body facing the floor, while holding your body weight with both hands on the ground. Slowly, bend your elbows to 45 degrees, and push your body and up.
  • Squats – this can be done with or without weights. Do the squat position comfortably, and then lift your body using your hip muscles and repeat.
  • Jog in place – a good exercise that you can do without buying a treadmill. It is as simple as jogging exercise without moving in place.

Did you know that mental health issue causes the most common heart diseases? Staying fit with cardio fitness will help you with healthy heart function as well.

Also, there are heart rate devices that you can buy at a cheap price or you can download the fitness tracker app.

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General cleaning

This will be the unpopular one, but I can guarantee that it is one of the effective ways to deal with mental health issues. A clean place will help you with a positive mental state than a dirty household that causes more stress. Related.

General cleaning

Also, while you are in the process of enjoying the task, you will find yourself thinking of things that have real value in life. Thus, cleaning helps you practice gratitude and how to be organized too.

The task is simple. Start cleaning from the ceiling, walls, glass windows, down to the floor. Heavy wall-stains can easily be removed with a handheld steam cleaner. While at it, you may repaint your room to create a new ambiance, so there is no need for a total renovation.

Find a new hobby

Mental health issue starts with the desire to create something meaningful, but there is a fear of failure and criticism. Getting quarantined is the best place to start a new hobby. There is no fear in doing what you love to do at your home.

  • Cooking and baking – there is unexpressed passion in each of us. Have you ever eaten in a restaurant and you’re not satisfied with the serving, so you thought you could do better if only you have the time. The pandemic is giving you the time to release your passion for cooking and baking.
  • Drawing, Painting – unleashed your inner artistry with the time that you have. The next Jean Michel Basquiat may be born from expressing your unheard principles through drawing and painting.
  • WritingJ.K Rowling started writing in 1990, and her first book Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone was published in 1997. You may be the next best novelist the world will have. You can use your writing to inspire people who are struggling mentally as well, and that will be your greatest joy in life. Others express it through writing songs because we know that music brings people together.

Some of the hobbies that you can build this quarantine are video making, content creator, reading the books on your shelf. Someone quoted that getting new skills after this quarantine is a choice.

The mental health issues have its root planted deeply in someone’s experience. Some stated the lack of passion and purpose in life causes mental instability. Nevertheless, this is a serious issue that needs expert guidance. Related.

The need for a counselor may not be possible due to the pandemic, which is why you have to take care of yourself. The tips may not remove all mental health issues, but you will be able to manage to control it.

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