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There has been a substantial increase in the number of people attending sexual health clinics since 1990. The fact that a higher proportion of sexually active adults are attending clinics is good news.

However, it has also been found that over 75% of those who were at risk of a sexually transmitted disease had not attended a sexual health clinic in the last year. (UK Study)

The likelihood of an individual attending a clinic will depend a great deal on their age. The proportion of each age group that has attended a sexual health clinic in the last year is:-

  1. Aged 16 – 19 Male – 19%
  2. Aged 16 – 25 Female – 26%
  3. Aged 25 – 29 Both Sexes 10%
  4. Aged 45 and over Both Sexes 1.5%

Another study in New Zealand showed that a common feeling about attending a sexual health clinic was that attendees feel deeply ashamed, humiliated, defensive, and scared about their situation.

This is based on the perception that people who attend Sexual Health Clinics are “Dirty”.

There is some reluctance to provide personal details to medical facilities, which is where a Sexual Health Clinic such as Broadgate GP who will not insist on real names and offer a discreet service can help.

Other aspects of Sexual Health

Sexuality is an essential part of how we see ourselves. Love and sexual intimacy are an integral part of relationships.

There are several disorders that impact sexual performance and make it impossible to enjoy healthy sex life. Diabetes is one such health issue that can reduce the ability of a man to get a full erection.

Proper nutrition, exercise, and health are essential elements of having a good sex life. Your GP can advise you on these factors and assist you in recognizing issues with your lifestyle.

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Some Tips for a Healthy Sexual Health

1. Maintain a diet

You should eat foods that contain minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. Eating with your partner can also strengthen bonds and offer an opportunity to relax together.

2. Limit alcohol consumption

While the odd glass of red wine can increase sexual desire, it is a recognized fact that excess alcohol acts as a depressant to our nervous systems, reducing the response to sexual stimuli.

3. Take Vitamins for sexual health

Vitamin C can improve our circulation and vitamin D will improve sex hormone levels and can help with erectile dysfunction problems.

4. Exercise

 Exercise also increases the level of sex hormones in the body and endorphins. It will also improve your stamina.

5. Kegel Exercise

For women, kegel exercises to increase sexual enhancement. This involves tightening your pelvic floor for a few moments and then releasing it. Pretend you are trying to stop yourself from peeing.

Another valuable exercise is using a vaginal dilator to help improve sex life. The use of the dilator, as anchored on vaginal dilation therapy, aims to improve the elasticity of the vagina and lessen discomfort during sexual intercourse, among other benefits.

6. Avoid Smoking

Tobacco contains Nicotine which will narrow your blood vessels and decrease your blood flow. This can make erectile dysfunction worse.

7. Get Tested

Talk about STDs with your sexual partner. The way to be more confident in sex is to know that both you and your partner are STD-free.

8. Always Protect Yourself

Unless you are in a steady long-term relationship that is exclusive, always use condoms. They are the only birth control that also protects you from STDs.

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