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Headaches is one of the most common ailments of all, especially in the summer. The scorching sun, heat stroke, or even dehydration can cause us to feel the impairing effects of headaches and migraine attacks. In addition, our hectic lives and stressful days at work can cause emotional and mental distress, resulting in a severe headache.

Headaches come without warning and it leaves you feeling miserable, impacting your routine. Repetitive headaches or migraines can be flustering. They occur frequently at the slightest sign of distress. And it forces the patient to pop a pill instantly. Truth be told, frequent use of these over-the-counter pills do more harm than good, in the long run. It is often suggested to avoid them as much as we can. But such is the misery of an attacking headache that people are sometimes compelled to consume these medicines without knowing its long-term impact. So, is there a natural way to find relief from recurring headaches? The ancient Chinese method acupressure suggests using pressure points to relieve headaches.

For more than 5000 years, acupressure, ancient healing art or traditional alternative medicine therapy is being used to relieve the symptoms of several common and serious ailments. It applies a similar philosophy to acupuncture. However, it does not use needles. This is why it is sometimes referred to as needleless acupuncture.

According to this healing method, health issues occur when there is a blockage in the flow of energy called life energy or Qi. It creates an imbalance in the bod and various illnesses. With the help of this technique, reflexologists unblock the area and stimulate the energy to recreate balance in the body by massaging specific acupoints. These points lie in different parts of the body across 12 meridians or channels. The best part about this alternative healing technique is that it can be practiced with the right knowledge at any time and moment.

Here are some acupressure points for headache relief.

  1. Union Valley (Li4): The most important and commonly used pressure point for headache is Union valley. It is deemed quite effective in finding instant relief from tormenting headaches. It is easy to locate and massage upon. It lies between the pound of flesh that forms a gap between thumb and index finger. You can find by stretching out all five fingers out. Just 30 seconds of massage in a circular motion can cure even the most severe of all headaches. However, pregnant women are warned against pressing or massaging this point.
  2. Third Eye (GV 24.5): Third eye or the sixth chakra of our body is considered an incredible headache relief pressure point on the forehead. It lies in the center of the two eyebrows, right above the bridge of the nose. You can easily stimulate this point and find relief by massaging it gently. It is suggested to be the most powerful of all acupressure point for headache especially in the cases when a headache has triggered due to emotional stress. It releases a sense of calmness and clears mental blockages. Tapping softly on this point can also enhance individuals’ spiritual awareness.
  3. Gates of Consciousness points (GB 20): This is a pair of acupoints that can help you find relief quickly. It is situated at the nape of the neck and helps us find the divine connection between our mind and body. By stimulating this point, one can not only heal the headache but also recreate the balance in the body. These points lie at the base of the skull on either side of the indented area. Be careful while using this point. It must be massaged softly and gently because our neck is a very sensitive part of the body. You must massage this point until you find relief.
  4. Drilling Bamboo Points (B2): On both, the sides of the third eye point, lies drilling bamboo points. This pair of acupoints is quite effective and will surprise you how fast it can give you results. It is located in the inner part of the eye, right at the starting point of your nose. Tenderly massage this point to find relief in headache, stress, eye strain, and sinus pain.
  5. Wind Mansion (GV16): Also known as the Palace of the wind, this point is located in the center of your neck, the hollow area right below the skull. The most convenient way to massage it is by using the tip of your middle finger. The best way to apply pressure is by turning your head to the back and make it press against the finger. Don’t apply too much physical pressure on it.
  6. Shoulder Well (GB 21): Again, this is one of the most trusted headache remedy pressure points used by the experts. As the name suggests, it is located on the shoulders. You must be careful while finding it. It is situated in a hollow area at the base of the neck, close to the high points of the shoulder. Massaging this regularly can help you find relief from recurring headaches. It can also be used to treat neck pain and back pain.
  7. Bigger Rushing (LV3): To use this point to relieve headache, it is important you find a comfortable place where you can sit. It is located on the top of the foot, in the hollow web between the first and the second toe. It is recommended to massage both feet at one time. However, if it is not possible, you can one after the other.

Apart from these acupressure points for headache, you can even use heavenly pillars point and welcome fragrance point. With the just power of a touch, you can soothe and prevent headaches that have been troubling you for a very long time. So, the next time you sense stress kicking in, try acupressure to find relief.

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