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Back Pain is a common problem that affects most of us. While painkillers can give you temporary relief, it is not something that you can sustain over a longer period, Acupressure for back pain is one of the holistic treatments that can give you results in a short time minus the side effects. So, how does acupressure work?  It is said that a human body has energy lines in your body and when there is a blockage in these energy lines inflammation results, these causes pain and diseases in your body. Acupressure helps release these blocks and helps minimize your pain. You can cure a number of ailments with this holistic approach.

Modern lifestyle is creating havoc to our health, we stay put for long hours at the computer, for work or otherwise, affecting our posture and spine in the long run. Not working out enough, especially mobility workouts adds fuel to the fire. So, what should you do stop working? Not really, there are simple lifestyle changes to be made that can work wonders for your health, that and the regular practice of acupressure has an enormous impact on your health. There are some effective acupressure points to fight back pain, use it every day to beat back pain and lead a comfortable and pain-free life. (See also: 6 Sure Ways to Alleviate Back Pain)

The following acupressure points is a great way to eliminate lower back pain.

1. Foot

This foot pressure point works great in treating back pain. All you have got to do is sit in a relaxed position and knead your feet gently with your hands. Locate this acupressure point right at the point where the first two toe bones meet (the joint). Now you can get relief by pressing this point for two whole minutes first rotating clockwise and then rotating anticlockwise for at least 3-4 times to get solace. You must take care to ensure that you do the massaging bit right by increasing pressure on one foot and then lower the intensity, this gives results in a short time.

2. Hand

As you will find acupressure points on the feet, so you will find them on the hand, which are as effective. These acupressure points is a potent tool to control your back pain. Start by sitting down in a relaxed fashion. These acupressure points are easily accessible. This point lies right between the index finger and the thumb. Find this point on both hands and keep pressing it for fifteen seconds each for at least five to six times and you will soon get welcome relief. Acupressure helps proliferate endorphin levels in your body and Science substantiates that adequate levels of endorphins can treat a number of conditions, including pain. Acupressure is such a relaxing an easy practice to follow, it will help you de-stress and mitigate the root cause of most conditions.

3. Elbow

You will find some effective Acupressure points on the elbow as well. Sit upright in a comfortable position and start gently massaging you’re your elbow. Raise your elbow so you are easily able to access it. Where is the exact point on your elbow? Just, follow the elbow bone and find it four finger spaces right below the elbow to locate this acupressure point. You need to start with the side of the body that hurts the most. Now, start activating the points for 30 seconds each. Do this for at least 3-4 times for optimum results.

4. Back of the kneecap

You will find a hollow that is right behind your kneecap. Where is this acupressure point? You will find it exactly in the middle point of the back of your kneecap. Now activate this point, by pressing this for three minutes on each of your legs and you will soon get some relief in the lower back. Activate this point by intensifying the pressure and lowering the intensity alternately. These pressure points can be practiced easily. But you will have to follow it up consistently to get sustainable results.

5. Lower back

Find this point at the end of your spine, there is a deep indentation there. There are four points that have two finger spaces in between and it is in a straight line that is nestled in the lowermost point on your back and spine. Medical Science has different terms for it, second and third lumbar vertebrae. You can activate these points with your fingers and you will be able to banish the pain and fatigue in a short time. Take time out from your busy schedule and press these points every day till you get relief.

6. Stomach Point

The stomach points the Sea of Energy point or the CV 6 point is really effective in treating backaches. Find this point with a two finger distance or just 1½ inches below your navel.

You can get relief from back pain by activating this point regularly. Put your index, middle and ring fingers of your right hand together. Place the fingers just below your navel. Feel the firm pressure on this point for at least a minute.  Repeat this at least 2 to 3 times for ten minutes each for relief.

Start on these points if you are suffering from any kind of backaches. You can also complement your treatment protocol by adding acupuncture points for treating back pain. This will help to get rid of the pain with ease.

The best part of acupressure is that it is a gentle, non-invasive form of therapy that helps manage pain just by applying pressure on certain potent points in the body. Use your fingers to apply firm pressure on the points, you can also use other tools to enable stimulation of these meridian points. Comprehensive studies conducted on this ancient Chinese practice have revealed that acupressure is incredibly good at combating back pain. So, why should you keep away from this holistic practice that is one of the best forms of treatment to provide pain relief? Practice every day and soon you will get the desired results.

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