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Nowadays, many people follow the losing weight trend. There is a variety of ways to manage your weight and reduce fat in the body, but it is important to choose those, which would fit the peculiarities of your organism. Thus, people bring themselves on different diets and spend much time in the gym. Since a diet envisages the rejection of some foods or products, the meal replacement shakes gained popularity among people struggling to achieve losing weight efficiency.

What is a meal replacement shake?

Meal replacement (MR) shakes have been long used for weight loss purposes, therefore, the market of these products is overfilled with various options and solutions. However, despite the variety of shakes, it is a challenge to choose the meal replacement product, which would meet your requirements and bring effect. Unfortunately, many of the marketed shakes contain harmful components and stimulants, which help achieve results but can damage your health. The Shakeology Shake stands out against the background of such chemical based meal replacement solutions. Unlike most of MR shakes, it contains organic whole foods and natural ingredients. This shake is not only a good solution for weight management purposes, but also for other health benefits including control of blood sugar level, energy increase, muscles building, and others.

Nevertheless, many of the claims that MR shakes have so many positive attributes are arguably due to the profound analysis and research of their ingredients. Thus, several disadvantages of the shake have been revealed including overestimated price and high content of lead. Actually, you can find different alternatives to Shakeology Shake, which virtually will be better by price or by performance. And what if you decided to refuse from MR shakes and prevent any possible chemical influence on your body? So, we will try to answer the question what are the alternatives to meal replacement shakes.

Protein bars

As a rule, a protein bar is considered a quick and safe way to add calories. Someone prefer using protein bars to control hunger cravings. On average, one protein bar provides 150-200 calories. Unlike sugar, protein is a more useful source of energy, because it causes no significant fluctuations of sugar level. In addition, protein bars are widely used for muscles building purposes.

You will appreciate protein bars as a replacement to MR shakes during your training in the gym.

Homemade Meal Replacement Shakes

The best alternative to the prepacked MR solution is the homemade one. We should admit the advantage of shakes in the case when you need energy and there is no time or option for a meal. For such cases, it would be very useful to prepare an MR shake by yourself.

In order to make shake at home, you need to choose a carbohydrate base (oats or banana), a protein base (yogurt, whey protein, milk, casein, etc.), fruit and/or vegetables (not necessarily, but preferably). As an option, you may also add chia seeds, nut butter, coconut blend or avocado, providing your shake with healthy fats and taste. There are no limits or restrictions when choosing ingredients to your MR product, just pay attention to calories, the content of sugar, fat, and protein. When everything is ready, mix everything in a blender and enjoy your shake!

Fruit as an alternative

Please, do not think that blending products gives them some additional properties. If you do not like the idea of shakes consumptions, you may use any fruit at your choice. Many fruits have various benefits. If you need energy, you may consume a banana or an apple. You can replace any shake with an orange or a guava. So, there is no need to make shakes out of the fruit you consume, since they are very useful in a natural shape.

Make a juice or salad instead of a shake

Fruits are an ideal alternative to MR shakes. Besides, such fruits as lemons, oranges, melons, etc. are the great options to make a fresh juice. Just try to replace your morning coffee or soda beverage with a fresh orange juice, which is rich in Vitamin C, and you will notice the positive effect on your health and body. Besides, experiment with various fruit and make some mixtures, which will give different nutrients and vitamins to your body.

Most of the consumers of MR shakes would agree that sometimes you want to eat solid food. Therefore, lay aside any shakes or juices, chop various fruits and add low-fat cream. Such vitamin-rich salad will be both tasteful and useful providing you with the required energy. The attention should be paid to the fruits and their energy value.

Various fruits have different properties, so you can make your own combinations for the effect you need.

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