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There is a clear link between how you dress and your mood. When you dress up, it lifts your mood. If you dress down, your mood will go down. We are going to cover how your different appearances inspire your mood for the day. Let’s take a look.

Hygiene & Appearance

First, your hygiene affects your mood. Have you ever laid in bed sick all day? Sure you have. In the evening you’ve finally pulled yourself out of bed to take a shower. You’ve noticed that you do feel better when you are clean and fresh. The illness may not be gone, but you will notice an improvement in how you feel. The same goes for everyday hygiene. When you start the day clean and fresh your emotions will be higher than if you didn’t.

Each morning start your day with a shower. A shower or bath before bed counts too. Brush your teeth and fix your hair. Your day should begin with personal grooming. Think about your mood when your house is clean and organized. Taking care of your grooming in the morning will give you that same sense of satisfaction.


You already know that you should wear deodorant, but you should add a pleasant scent for the day too. Aromatherapy increases your mood too. It is up to you whether you use a spray, lotion, oil, or cologne. Choose a scent that makes you happy. A citrus scent is always a good choice.


The type of outfit you choose sets the tone for the day. Have you ever put on a suit just to lay on the couch? No, you haven’t. Have you ever put on athletic clothes to rule the office? Probably not.

You’ve heard the expression “a jeans and t-shirt kind of day”. What that means is that the person wants a slower, relaxed day. Maybe they are tired or just not in the mood to be active or productive. That person has chosen an outfit based on their current mood, not the uplifted mood that they could have.

If you’ve chosen a suite or dressy clothes, you tend to have a more productive day. Also, when you put on those clothes you tend to pay more attention to grooming.

Grooming + styled clothing = a happier mood.


You may be wondering how wearing accessories can lift your mood. Accessories are the finishing touch to an outfit. By the time you are putting on earrings or a watch, you’ve had went through the other steps. Also, accessories tend to kick your entire outfit up a notch, making you feel more attractive. A bold red lipstick or a pair of high heels may make you feel sexy. Designer sunglasses make you feel cool.  Feelings of sexiness and coolness go hand in hand with a positive mood.

If you wake up in the morning feeling a little blue, don’t worry. You can easily change that.  First, take a hot shower and brush your teeth. Fix your hair and makeup. Choose an outfit for how you want to feel not how you are feeling at the moment. Accessorize. Add something to your look that makes you feel extra pretty of cool. Use your appearance to set the mood for your day.

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