Muscle Building Mistakes

Working out smartly and keeping it consistent is the best way to get desired results quickly.

To build muscle and gain mass there are a lot of mistakes that we make unintentionally. These mistakes cause hindrance and delay the results we want.

Weight loss and muscle gain are the two most common reasons to join the gym.

Today we are here to let you know of those mistakes and how you can avoid them. So, get ready and wear your favorite workout pants and hoodies and sweats.

Diet Mistakes

Diet Mistakes

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Eating less

Not eating enough calories will bring you no good even if you lift your weights all the time. To gain muscles you have to maintain a caloric surplus, which mostly has to be protein and carbs.

Eating less causes a calorie deficit which instead of helping you to gain muscles either tones the body or makes you slimmer. Besides the food you need to fulfill the energy requirements of the body, you have to eat more.

Not enough protein intake

Protein is the key food here. It will help repair and build muscles as well as strengthen them. When the muscles are damaged from working out the protein helps them become strong and build them bigger.

And this is how you gain muscles, but this process happens slowly over time, so keep the patients. Aim for about 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight.

So, eat high quality and big portions of protein within half an hour of working out. The sooner you eat the better results you get.

Not enough carb intake

Besides protein carbohydrates are the main food. They give the body energy it needs and help you do things like working out. If your workout intensity is high so you’ll need more energy meaning more carbs.

Go for complex carbs and whole-grain foods like oats etc. Eat more protein at least one hour before working out. This will help improve your workout performance and give better results.

Daily nutrient intake

Other than carbs and protein, the body needs other nutrients too. They are equally important for muscle growth. So, make sure to maintain a healthy vitamin, minerals, and fiber daily.

Veggies and fruits to maintain daily micronutrient intake. Eat your supplements and medication if any prescribed by the doctor. Don’t start or stop medication on will.

Not enough water intake

Water is very important which unfortunately most of us forget. Low water intake causes a lot of problems and health issues, one of which is not proper muscle building.

Drink from time to keep the body hydrated, drink 20 minutes after, and 30 minutes before workout.

Notice your pee color, if it’s dark you should drink more, but if it’s light and you have to pee too often reduce water intake a little.

Training Mistakes

Training Mistakes

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Overtraining causes you to hit a plateau too soon, it can also cause injury and prevent the muscle from growing. It happens when muscles aren’t getting enough time and energy to repair. Limit your workouts to 45 to 60 minutes max and get proper rest.

Lifting lighter weight

Lifting weights is a must gain muscles, but you have to challenge the muscles too. Working Out with weights you can easily lift will not challenge the muscles.

With time, muscles get used to the weights you are using, so gradually increase weights. To see if it’s right, do 15 reps and the last 3 to 5 reps should be really challenging.

Lifting heavier than you should

On the opposite side, lifting weights that are too heavy for you can have adverse effects.

With heavier weights, your form gets disrupted which can lead to injuries.

Plus, with heavier weights, you can only do fewer reps, whereas for building muscles you should do 3-4 sets of about 15 reps.

Being too fast

Completing a set too fast has several problems.

First, you are most probably not going the full range of motion.

Second, the muscles could not get enough time to contract and expand. Both these things reduce the effectiveness of the workout.

Third, it increases the chance of ruining the form and causing injury.

On the contrary, doing all these things right but taking too much rest in between exercises and reps can also be a reason for poor results.

So keep the motion slow and steady and focus on yourself and your form.

Improper form

Maintaining proper form, especially for beginners, is difficult. But it’s as important as working out and maintaining a proper diet.

Improper form can cause several problems like pain, bad posture, injury, and joint problems. Make sure that your form is perfect, get help from a professional trainer, or fellow members if needed.

Reduce the weights and get used to the form working with them, then gradually increase when it’s time.

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