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Did you manage to fulfill your new year’s resolutions? Set back and think now of what you have accomplished and what you couldn’t.

I won’t say don’t worry if you could not stick to the resolutions, because you should be worried.

But only getting worried won’t cut it. That is why you have to take action. Changing your routine to live a healthy life should be a primary goal.

There is still time to correct your action and adopt healthy changes. For instance, if you couldn’t get that BJJ GI and get to your training, do it now, or get to the gym and start working towards your goals.

From now on start giving yourself some time to fulfill your dreams and start living a healthier life.

Hydrate yourself with water

Drinking different drinks instead of water is giving you tons of extra unhealthy calories. They are contributing to increase your waistline and not much.

Either it’s a canned or packaged beverage stop and go for water instead. This somewhat tasteless drink is the best way to keep you hydrated. Related.

Usually, you have to drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body hydrated. If the workout intensity is higher than increasing the glasses.

A good way to see if you need to have more or less water is to note the color of your pee. If the color is darker than you, you definitely need to drink more water.

But if the color is lighter or you have to go pee too many times it is a sign to reduce the water intake a little. Water is very important and keeps diabetes, heart, and joint diseases away.

Healthy diet

Just by eating a healthy and balanced diet daily, you can improve your health. Living on salads, fruits, and vegetables only are ruining your health and not improving it.

The body needs protein to keep the muscle mass intact and carbs to avoid the body from decomposing that muscle mass. Protein and carbs give us the energy to keep ongoing.

Micronutrients, vitamins, fiber, and low amounts of healthy fats are also important, so eat that too.

Do exercise daily

Do exercise daily

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Working halfway through will get you nowhere. A healthy diet, when combined with a daily workout, will give you a fit life.

Make working out a daily routine, choose whatever you like, for instance, weight training, cardio, soccer, swimming, or martial arts. Just buy yourself a BJJ GI or MMA spats and shorts and get registered in a class.

Then you would actually have to go there. This is why we suggest doing what you like because that way you won’t have to force yourself, you will be willing to do it daily.

If you want to lose fat weight training, HIIT, and martial arts are quick and fun ways to do it. If you want to build a muscle, then go for weight and resistance training. Choose the workout according to your fitness goals.

Get proper rest

Listen to your body and act accordingly. If the body is telling you to get more sleep, then sleep. If it is saying you to get a day off then do so.

By noticing if you have any pain, or sore muscles, you can tell either to work out or not. If you feel dizzy and nauseated, you should take the day off.

If anything like that persists or anything out of the ordinary happens you should not ignore it. Go see a doctor quickly.

With workout, it is important to give the mind and body proper rest and recovery time. Daily 6 to 8 hours of sleep is important for everyone. Plus one or two days off from workout are also important.

Get proper rest

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov from Unsplash

To help you sleep better at night, be done with your workout and post-workout diet at least an hour before the bed. Shut your phone or just keep it away from the bed.

Do not keep on scrolling while in the bed for sleep. The blue light from the phone can also keep you from sleeping or having a good sleep.

Follow a sleep pattern and avoid putting too much strain on the eyes, i.e. by staring at screens for a long time.

Give yourself some time

With such busy routines and jam-packed schedules we often do not get enough time with ourselves and for the things that are important. It is no surprise that we postpone and procrastinate important things.

But from now on you should make time for those things and give yourself some time too. At least you can try to, and eventually, the routine will adjust.

Be thankful for what you have and work for what you don’t

Spending time with yourself and thinking about what you have will make you realize. Be thankful for all that you have even if it’s little.

Understanding yourself and improving your mental and physical health is also one of the things you should be grateful for.

About The Author:

Bob is a professional nutritionist, dietitian, workout enthusiast and adrenaline junkie based in Portland, Oregon. You can find him writing about health, fitness, and diet tips when he is not giving his time at the local as a professional nutritionist. Other than that exploring the world one step at a time and spending time with his family and a lovely dog are his favorite getaway routes. He started writing about health and fitness so that he can empower people letting them know about its importance, especially the young ones.

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