Beat Your Hunger Pangs the Right Way

Dieting is hard. Hunger pangs make it more difficult. If you want your diet plan to work, any MD diet clinic in Orem can help you with that. But if you’re home alone and the hunger pangs come to visit, here are some ways to ward them off effectively:

1. Assess yourself

Sometimes hunger pangs happen only because we’re bored and eating has become a pastime for most of us. When you suddenly feel the urge to eat, take a moment and figure out if you really are hungry. You can do this by trying to recall the last time you ate. If it’s already noon and the last time you ate was at 8 AM, then your desire to eat is justified. But if you just had a snack 30 minutes ago and you feel hungry again, you’re probably just used to eating all the time and your body is still adjusting to the scheduled meals that are far apart from each other. If it’s the latter, there are ways to fight off your hunger pangs. One effective way to do this is to amuse yourself with any activity.

2. Get busy

As mentioned earlier, hunger pangs can be an effect of boredom. Keep busy to fight it off. Do something to take your mind off your hunger, but it shouldn’t be something that is sedentary because a lack of physical activity will probably even make you feel hungrier. You can walk around the block or clean the house to take your mind off your hunger. Another effective way of beating your hunger pangs is to play a video game that is strategy-themed. When your mind is busy figuring something out, it is less likely to think that your stomach needs to be filled.

3. Get hydrated

Get hydrated

Another way to effectively get rid of hunger pangs is to trick your stomach that it is already full. Drink lots of water to get rid of your hunger pangs. In fact, some experts say that if you want to eat moderately, even when you’re not on a diet, the trick is to drink water while you’re eating. Whenever your stomach is full, it will send a signal to your brain to tell you to stop eating so that you won’t be tempted to gorge yourself even when the food is sumptuous.

4. Chew sugar-free gum

Another way to beat hunger pangs is to chew gum. According to experts, the act of chewing also signals your brain that you’re eating something. It will tell your stomach to stop growling. But stick to sugar-free gum because if you’re on a diet, you should avoid any sugar. Buy as much sugar-free gum you can purchase and start chewing when you feel those hunger pangs gnawing at your stomach.

5. Eat on time

If you eat on time, you’ll be able to fight off your hunger pangs. You often have cravings because you might not be eating on time.

Eat on time, drink lots of water, chew gum, and keep yourself busy whenever the hunger pangs come to visit. If you follow all of these suggestions, you’ll be able to stick to your diet plan and come out of it much healthier.

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