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Implant retained dentures are types of overdenture that are attached and supported by the implants, while a regular one just rests on the gums and are not supported by the implants. An implant supported one is used when someone does not have teeth in the jaw but has bones in the jaw that can support the implants. When a person loses their teeth, they must adjust with the dentures. Dentures, at times, become very irritating since they tend to slip, pinch, and sometimes cause difficulty in chewing. They tend to become loose and come out causing a very embarrassing situation, especially in public.


Details about traditional dentures

 Traditional dentures were usually the first choice for the missing teeth for centuries and were in use much before the implant retained dentures came into being. A rough estimation suggests they were invented long back in the 6th century BC. Around the 18th century, they became quite common and for most of the people, it was the immediate choice when they lost their teeth. Further, in the 20th century, advancement in the technology made the dentures easily available and the prices came down to a considerable extent. The dentures have advanced much over the years, though they still have a few limitations.

  • The traditional dentures rest on the gums.
  • They tend to minimize the biting force.
  • These dentures have a high possibility of being slipped.
  • The upper dentures are much more stable than the lower ones since they have an acrylic palette that is adhered to the roof of the mouth due to suction.
  • However, this acrylic palette also affects the mouth feel, as well as the taste of the food.
  • Sometimes, the denture wearers suffer from jawbone loss due to a process is known as resorption. Here the dentures must be adjusted at regular intervals it can lead to wrinkles and other common signs of premature aging.
  • These traditional dentures are usually clasped around the existing teeth, which can later lead to long term issues.
  • The metal clasps tend to erode and weaken the teeth around which they are wrapped.
  • The plastic clips of the flexible partials tend to trap bacteria and lead to decay of the teeth.

traditional dentures

Benefits of implanted dentures

On the other hand, the implant retained dentures tend to remove almost all the limitations of traditional dentures. These implants supported dentures are attached to dentures implants, which may be tiny titanium screws are inserted in the jawbones. This completely replaces the natural root of the tooth. The implant is inserted into the jawbones, as well as the gums through an incision. The number of implants can be much less than the teeth. For the entire upper dentures about 6-8 implants are enough for the lower denture about 4-5 implants are sufficient. After placement of the implants, the bones and the gums need about 6 months to grow again around the implant this process is called Osseointegration. This gives the structure the stability, support, and helps in reducing the bone loss. After the gum is healed the snap is attached to the titanium implant. This is done by reopening the gum tissue for exposing the dental implant. The hardware is then attached and the gums take approximately 2 weeks to be healed completely.

  • These implants supported dentures are much healthy and secure.
  • Small attachments or clips that are usually fitted with thin metal bands hold them
  • They do not affect the neighboring teeth
  • They protect the oral health of the wearer much more than the traditional ones
  • These teeth do not face any erosion due to dentition
  • These implant dentures help in restoring the confidence of the wearer
  • The typical negative attributes that come with wearing traditional dentures are usually not present in the implanted ones

Hence, retained implanted dentures are more beneficial than traditional dentures.

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