Back Pain in Old Age

Feeling back pain has become something normal in modern society, it is no longer just pain from old age, but pain for any age.

We can’t fool ourselves with the fact that the older we get, the greater and more constant the pain. Before we get too much into it, visit for more health tips and news.

Our body structure ends up suffering due to any hard effort or even the way we stand, in addition to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle becoming something typical of our current days.

If you want to ease your pain, here you have some homemade remedies that may improve your lifestyle, or even make the pain go away!

Before we get started, remember that you should always be sure of the real reason for these pains before starting any treatment. Without further ado, here are the tips!

Best Home Remedy Tips for Your Back Pain

1. Hot Compresses

It is a bit strange to want to put something so hot in our body, but this is the time when we must be warm. And for that reason, we recommend that you try to use hot compresses with rosemary or thyme tea, and if you prefer, you can even use heated seed bags.

This heat caused by the compresses will relax your muscles and thus activate blood circulation in the area, reducing your pain.

The compress has to stay in the painful area for approximately 15-20 minutes, and if necessary, wrap it in a diaper or paper towel so that it does not burn your skin.

2. Hot Baths and Rest

Some people love to make delicious hot showers at any time of the year, and this ends up being a great aid method when you have back pain. Hot baths with rosemary oil or even thyme extract can also relieve pain, as well as baths in hot thermal springs.

For your rest, it is recommended that you lie on your back, with your knees bent at 90º while keeping your back fully supported on the bed.

This position has the function of decreasing the pressure caused in the intervertebral discs, managing to relax the vertebral muscles, located next to the vertebrae of the spine.

Rest should be maintained in this position initially, and it cannot be longer than 5-6 days, the person can get up to do other things, since complete rest is also harmful to the spine, causing even more disorders.

3. Supplementation of Minerals and Massages

The pains that we may feel throughout our body, not just our backs, can be related to the lack of minerals in our system, so it is always good to eat a balanced diet to be able to balance minerals throughout our system.

Who doesn’t like a massage, right?

Ask the help of a friend or family member to help with this difficult task. Massages with St. John’s wort oil, lemon balm, or rose oil at room temperature are also important allies to combat back pain.

4. Exercises and Stretches

We are already tired of knowing that to have no problems in our joints, we need to stretch before any physical activity, and even when we wake up and before going to bed.

So, spine stretches are also important, as they will help fight pain and improve your blood circulation, promoting greater elasticity. Be aware, each movement must be at least 30 seconds long and must be repeated 2-3 times. In stretching you will:

  • Lie on your back, with your knees bent at 90 degrees;
  • Put your hands behind your leg, holding firmly;
  • Pull one of your legs towards your abdomen;
  • Stay in that still position while breathing calmly;
  • During the exercise, you should feel your back stretching a little, but remember to respect your limit;
  • Stretch one leg at a time.

In the exercises, you don’t need to run or do crazy things to help with your pain. Programs such as Pilates and Yoga are light and perfect.

In Pilates, you and the instructor will be able to work with integrated exercises that will activate the core muscles. Since you can also work with body awareness, the practice of this technique is excellent to improve your posture, in addition to preventing future back pain.

Yoga is an excellent practice to find balance, not to mention that you will end the class much more relaxed than when you entered, being a holy remedy for countless other discomforts.

If The Pain is Too Hard, Always Seek a Specialist!

Back and spine pain can be very stressful and really hard to manage, but we always have to look for ways to end it. It can be with home remedies, or with the accompaniment of an orthopedist, as well as with the use of remedies such as painkillers, anti-inflammatories, etc…

Do not exceed your limit if you do not succeed, and everything will be fine with that – follow your time, the pain will soon pass!

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