Paragard IUD Lawsuit

IUD is used as an alternative to prescription birth control drugs by several females.

Scientific research on the intrauterine birth control device, the Paragard copper IUD, indicates that a potentially defective IUD could result in serious injuries or death.

Patients who have experienced serious injuries owing to a defective or broken Paragard copper IUD device may be eligible to claim compensation for their damages by filing a lawsuit.

What is Paragard Copper IUD?

Paragard IUD, manufactured by Copper Companies, is a commonly used intrauterine birth control device. The IUD manufacturers have effectively marketed the device for more than 10 years claiming to be 90% effective in stopping pregnancy.

These copper IUD devices include a T-shaped made of plastic with copper wires coiled over it. The copper prevents pregnancy by producing an inflammatory response in the uterus that creates a toxic environment for the eggs and sperms and prevents pregnancy.

Dangers of A Defective Paragard IUD

Paragard executives have informed that the device can get stuck in the uterus, requiring surgery to remove the IUD. Many patients have reported experiencing serious injuries and complications during the Paragard IUD removal procedure.

Medical practitioners who have conducted surgeries for the IUD removal have reported the device being defective in certain cases. In some other cases, the device was broken during the surgery, causing complications.

Scientific data collected from Paragard IUD surgery cases show that a defective or broken device can result in serious injuries or fatalities.

Here is a list of potential injuries that patients have suffered due to a faulty device:

  • scarring
  • IUD migration
  • Organ infection or damage
  • uterine tearing or perforation
  • ectopic pregnancy or similar pregnancy complications
  • copper wire being left out during removal procedure causing inflammation
  • brain injuries or related complications like unexplained flashes, dizziness, shoulder or neck pain, nausea, headaches, or vision loss

Filing a Paragard IUD Lawsuit

Dealing with a defective or broken Paragard IUD and the related complications can be a traumatic experience. If a broken or faulty Paragard has caused serious injuries to you, or you have lost a loved one to an IUD complication, you could file a Paragard lawsuit and receive a settlement.

You can submit an injury claim or qualify for a lawsuit if you meet the following criteria:

  • You had/have a Paragard inserted
  • The Paragard removal surgery is has occurred or is scheduled for future
  • There were complications during the Paragard removal surgery like menstrual pain, broken parts, heavy bleeding, bleeding between periods, cramping, or requirement for additional invasive surgery like a hysterectomy.

How Can a Good Paragard IUD Lawsuit Lawyer Help You?

You deserve to receive justice. The negligent Paragard copper IUD manufacturers should be held accountable for the injuries, fatalities, or complications resulting from a defective or broken IUD device.

If you are a victim of a broken or faulty Paragard device, it is suggested to hire a skilled Paragard IUD lawsuit attorney.

An experienced lawyer can offer the resources necessary to file a Paragard lawsuit and will work relentlessly to help you acquire the compensation you deserve.

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