Boost Estrogen

Estrogen is a set of sex hormones in the female body that are essential to the sexual & body reproductive system. Men too have estrogen, however in smaller amounts.

The estrogen hormones help in bringing a physical change that turns a girl into a woman, and this phase is termed as puberty.

Also, it plays an integral role in controlling the menstrual cycle, and important for childbearing.

How Does Estrogen Work?

The ovaries are the primary production of estrogen in the female body. The adrenal glands present at the upper part of the kidney contribute to small amounts of this hormone in the female body, along with the fat tissue. The Estrogen hormones run throughout the body and affect just about every part.

Estrogen Diseases

For a number of reasons the female may produce too little or too much

Estrogen hormones. Here, in this post, we’ll talk about low estrogen in women, and natural ways to boost it.

The female makes too little estrogen hormones owning to many reasons, one being the irregular menopause any surgical treatment related to ovaries. Here, are the prevalent symptoms associated with this medical condition: –

  • No Sexual Desires
  • Night Sweating
  • Trouble in Sleeping
  • Dryness And Thinning of Vagina
  • Frequent Mood Swings
  • Skin Dryness

Some ladies also experience menstrual migraines, this is a prolonged, severe headache that starts with the onset of the menstrual cycle in women, and this is because of dropping levels of estrogen hormones.

What Food To Eat For Increasing The Production of Estrogen Hormones?

Soybean is a rich source of phytoestrogens in the body, which mimic estrogen by binding with the estrogen hormones. Flax seeds, they also have phytoestrogens in abundance. Sesame seeds are another dietary source of phytoestrogens.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin B plays a big role in the creation & activation of the estrogen hormones in the female body. A recent study revealed that vitamin D in collaboration with estrogen lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What Herbal Supplements Do You Need To Take?

Black Cohosh

It is a Native American herb, which for ages has been known to treat a number of women’s health problems, such as menopause and menstrual issues. Several studies done recently also suggest that black cohosh stimulate estrogen receptors in the body.

Evening Primrose Oil

It is a traditional herb that is high in omega-6 fatty acids, making evening primrose oil as an herbal treatment for curing conditions like menopause and PMS.

It has also been researched that evening primrose oil is effective in increasing the production of estrogen, however, a comprehensive study is required to validate this aspect of this herb.

Red Clover

Red clover is an herb that comprises of a handful of plant compounds known as the isoflavones, they behave similarly to estrogen in the human body. The Isoflavones are: –

  • Biochanin A
  • Formononetin
  • Genistein
  • Daidzein

Dong Quai

This is a traditional Chinese medicine advised for treating the various symptoms of menopause. And, just like any other herb, Dong Quai to comprise of compounds that function as phytoestrogens.

Ways to Boost Progesterone Naturally

Ways to Boost Progesterone Naturally

If you are experiencing the symptoms of low estrogen, then you probably be having low progesterone, this generally happens during menopause, as then the production of hormones in the female body drops drastically.

The progesterone production in the body can be boosted with creams and medications, but a natural approach is generally preferred.

One best way is to take this herbal supplement, but it is highly recommended to speak to a general physician before trying anything.

But, what matters the most is following a healthy lifestyle, having a proper diet. Add different foods such as veggies and fruit to your diet chart in order to provide your body with all the nutrients it requires.

Diagnosis of Low Estrogen

The Estrogen ELISA kit provides the quantitative measurement of estrogen in serum, tissue homogenates, & other biological fluids.

The Bottom Line

The estrogen and progesterone are two essential sex hormones in the female body, and its low production can contribute to health problems like menopause.

However, they have a healthy lifestyle which includes vitamins and minerals, and herbal supplements to increase the production of estrogen.

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