Well Woman Exam

When was the last time that you went to your doctor when you weren’t sick?

If you’re like most people it’s probably been a while, but let’s sees why it is important and a proactive approach in your healthcare journey.

What is the Well Woman Exam?

Well Woman Exam is a general health physical exam of a woman in which your physician checks up your medical well-being and examines any gynecological diseases which may be present and you are not aware of that

Such Well Woman Exams help you to stay healthy and take care of any medical conditions or concerns that you may not even realize. Such exams like the one San Antonio well-woman exams are actually a very important part of your overall care.

More about Well Woman Exam:

A well-woman exam is also known as a physical or just a check-up. During this exam, you would talk with the nurse practitioner and with your OB/GYN about everything that’s been going on with your health.

Even if you don’t feel like there’s anything to report you should be telling them about how frequently you feel tired, any form of pain, or even if you’re experiencing symptoms sporadically.

“Anything that was out of the ordinary for you should be discussed”

Once you’ve talked to them about all of these things they can make sure that there’s nothing more serious going on than you might think.

The truth is, there are a number of health conditions that can start out with basic or seemingly unimportant symptoms and the sooner you recognize them the better it’s going to be for you and your overall health.

Women of all ages can go for Well Woman Exam.

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Do you need a Well Woman Exam?

If you don’t have any health concerns your doctor can still conduct a well-woman exam to get a better idea of just how your body is doing overall.

The examination may be slightly varying in different clinics but normally following checks are performed:

  1. They can check your blood pressure to see if it’s high,
  2. Check your reflexes to see if they’re working.
  3. Check your hearing and eyesight to make sure they’re not slipping.
  4. Pelvic and Breast Examination is a part of this test also.

Even if you don’t notice a difference about anything in your body that doesn’t mean that something isn’t happening. Your doctor can help you find it.

You also need to check whether your clinic provides following advance screenings as well:

How long it will take to complete the exam:

Most of the time, it takes 10-15 minutes to complete the exam but can take longer if your Physician feels you should be checked in more detail. A conversation about problems can be longer depending upon your health condition and any diagnosis after the test.

What preparations I need to do for the Exam:

No specific preparation is required, you need to think of any current medical problem you are feeling, or any previous medical problem which is appearing again needs to be discussed with your Physician.

Some clinics ask you to bring a urine sample or give you instructions before the examination. You should also bring a list of current medications you are using.

What I can discuss during the exam:

You can discuss the following during the Well Woman Exam:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Birth Control/Contraception
  • Issues related to blood pressure or cholesterol
  • Pre or post-pregnancy
  • Menopause symptoms
  • STI screening
  • Any other signs or symptoms you are feeling

What will happen after the Exam?

They can also talk to you about different types of care that you may want. If you’re interested in starting or stopping birth control, for example, this is a good time to talk with your doctor about it.

If you have learned about a different medication than the one you’re on you can discuss this with your doctor as well. Or maybe you want to start an exercise routine or you want more advice about healthy eating.

All of these things are great to talk with your doctor about during a visit.

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Are there any benefits to this Examination?

By going through this type of visit, your doctor is also going to check for specific female health concerns. These could occur without showing symptoms, which is why it’s important to get a well-woman exam routinely.

The sooner you can find a problem the sooner you can get treatment and the better your overall prognosis will be.

By going to these visits you could take care of problems before you even realize them, which helps cut down on the impact they have on your life.

If it’s been a while since you were last in for a well-woman exam it’s definitely time to book one now.

Talk with your doctor about coming in to get checked over. And make sure you really are just as healthy as you might think.

Plus, take advantage of the time to talk with your doctor about any healthcare-related changes you want to make in your life. You might be surprised by how much they can help you do things the best way.

Well, the Woman Exam develops trust with your Physician and helps to educate yourself and stay safe and healthy.

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