The importance of good night sleep cannot be overemphasized; apart from offering an opportunity for your body to recover from tiredness caused by daily activities, a quality sleep boosts your body’s resistance to illness and diseases.

Getting a good sleep depends on many factors that include; the state of body and mind, type of mattress and comfortability of the bedroom, etc. You will need the right mattress if you want a good night sleep. Therefore, buying a mattress is an important activity, and many things should be considered before the purchase. So, if you are looking for a new mattress, you should have enough information before cashing out.

Know your size

You can select a different size from the one you want to replace. Maybe initially you had a king when your family spent a lot of time on the bed for fun or Sunday morning cartoon. But now, your kids have grown up and don’t do that anymore. You can save a lot of space in the bedroom by downsizing to a full mattress or a queen size mattress. Or perhaps you are moving out, and you want another size. Consider your lifestyle before getting a new mattress. If you change the size of a mattress, you need a new bed frame and headboard.

Try before buying

When you are shopping for a mattress, try lying on the mattress for about 15 minutes. You don’t have to feel self-conscious. You are about to have a big purchase, and if you don’t try the product for at least 10 minutes, you might not get the real feel.

Couples should try the mattress together. If you are ordering one online, you will still have to go and try it in a brick and mortar shop.

Ask about trial periods and returns

You might have tried the mattress in a store, but the real test needs a whole night or even more. Most mattress dealers offer a “comfortable trial” period which is around 30 days. Within this period, you can return the mattress if it turns out not to be comfortable as you had hoped for. You should note that most stores charge a restocking fee if you want this option.


There is no standardized measurement when it comes to mattress firmness. This means that what one manufacturer considers to be firm could be regarded as an extra firm by another manufacturer. That’s why you will need to try a mattress before purchasing. There is a common misconception that soft mattresses are comfortable than a firm one. You should never assume that.


Nowadays there is increasing popularity of pillow-top mattresses. However, fluffy comfort usually adds to the mattress’s cost. You should note that pillow top could easily go flat even before the mattress gives out. Consider getting a regular mattress and get a mattress topper for a luxurious feeling.

Know the available options

The common types of mattresses include; memory foam, traditional innerspring and hybrids mattresses. Also, adjustable air mattresses are popular. Each of these mattresses has its advantages and disadvantages. Familiarize yourself with popular choices before going to the store.

Skimp on the foundation

You won’t need a foundation if you have a platform bed. However, without a bed frame and when you don’t want your mattress to be on the floor, you should get a foundation to raise it. But you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on something that just a wooden box with fabric.

If you have an old foundation that is still in good condition and you want to buy a mattress of the same size, you might still the old one. If you need a new foundation, you can ask for a model that cost lower than the one sold with the mattress.

Buying online

Buying goods online might seem risky nowadays, but more people are buying their mattresses online. The reasons for this include; more luxury models, a variety of options, no pressuring salesperson, affordable prices and no sales tax. However, it has some disadvantages as well: dealing with returns are complicated, you can’t try it before buying, you will have to dispose of the old mattress yourself, and prices are not negotiable and no salesperson assistance.


A good mattress will be expensive, but a positive mood and good health are priceless. Although you should never spend than you can afford, this is one of those times that you should spend enough. You will spend most of your time sleeping and resting, so make the hours count. You can reduce your expenses and save enough money for the best mattress. A good mattress is important. High-quality mattresses that ensure a good night sleep are expensive but if it can give you comfort, then spend all you can and get it.

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Mark Wood is a blog writer and currently writing on the mattress. He has very passionate about his health and fitness. He wants to share with you some healthy lifestyle experience about mattress which is an important part of life.

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