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Physiological factors such as blood flow and hormone levels may lead to erectile dysfunction. A good diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals will obviously optimize the patient’s sexual health. As the world population fights with cardiovascular disease and obesity, there is a significant rise in hypertension and diabetes patients, which has a direct impact on blood flow thereby increasing the ED issue.

Men who experience ED i.e. erectile dysfunction from time to time, possibly be able to cope up the problem without any medical aid by incorporating natural ways to resolve it, because consuming ED pills is not that easy as it looks. There are a lot of side effects and restrictions on using them, and how many pills you will take to overcome the problem? Better start with the introduction of these foods in the diet and get the erectile dysfunction resolved permanently.

Healthy food reduces your risk of ED. There are many men who are seeking treatment with zero side effects and without any medical intervention. Some only fight to attain or sustain an erection on the unusual occasion while other men have a more permanent issue.

Staying away from highly processed unhealthy food and consuming only healthy diet will go a long way towards relieving symptoms of ED. Certain foods may help you with ED, the case and evidence are based on individual experience. These foods can be branded as aphrodisiacs. There is no proof that any particular food can cure ED. The reason behind this is that ED is a complex condition which has complicated causes. So, some foods may upturn sexual desire to a certain extent but not necessarily treat ED if the root cause is not addressed.

List of foods that increase your sexual desire-

  1. Berries and citrus fruits contain a natural substance that is linked to a decreased risk of ED.
  2. Dark chocolate rises levels of dopamine in the body popularly known as pleasure hormone.
  3. Oysters contain a good amount of zinc as compared to other foods and assists with sperm mobility.
  4. Cayenne pepper raises the heart rate and helps in releasing endorphins.
  5. Red wine increases blood flow to the genitals, as it is similar to the biochemicals found in berries and citrus fruits as mentioned above.
  6. Pistachios also contain the protein arginine that relaxes the blood vessels, boosting blood flow in the whole body.
  7. Caffeine relaxes certain muscles and increases blood flow in arteries in the penis, and helps to maintain an erection.

Your lifestyle has a greater impact. You will never have to take the “Blue Pill” ED medications such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil or Vardenafil containing medicines.

How Exercise may help?

Studies have revealed that men who exercise more and correctly have a better sexual and erectile function. Any form of exercise is better than nothing at all and there is no specific exercise men are need to do in order to achieve improved sexual health.

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