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The Green Wonder: What Are 4 Seldomly Discussed Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana

More and more states around the country are legalizing medical marijuana, as the American public believes that the drug should be allowed to be used for medicinal purposes. While its advocates have overstated some of the therapeutic benefits of smoking pot, recent research has shown that there are many legitimate uses of marijuana for medical […]

CBD Oil: The Pros and Cons Of It For Your Health


If you’ve ever found yourself curious as to just what sort of alternative remedies exist to help you become healthier, then you’ve likely heard of cannabidiol. This substance, popularly abbreviated as CBD, is normally associated with marijuana or the cannabis plant, as it’s one of its many compounds. However, unlike marijuana’s controversial nature, CBD does […]

[Important Question To Answer] Does Alcohol Consumption Affect The Health Of Your Heart And Chole...

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is among the most abused substances today, yet its effects on your body and health are evident. It leads to alcoholism, in addition to a host of other consequences on your mental and physical health – not to mention taking a massive toll on your relationships, similar to other drugs. However, you may not […]


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