We all want to look fashionable. There’s always something evolving, poised to redefine the facet of vogue in this world of glamor. Something similar is unfolding when we talk about high heels, stilettos, and foldable shoes. Of course, foldable ones are those being sold like hot cakes in the present market. However, before we dive in too deep let’s check out some of the hidden facts about the high heels and how they are killing you and ruining your parties.

One of the worst scenarios where you end up in getting hospitalized is when you are attending a party and had to spend long hours there bruising your feet and hurting your limbs so hard that you may have to spend your entire week taking bed rest. One of the major factors for bruised legs, pregnancy disorders, post pregnancy complications, walking disorders are the high heels. No matter how trained you are when it comes to using them but it’s sure to hurt you. So it is always good to take precautions and avoid the usage of these heels.

Fashion conscious women today are opting for foldable shoes because they offer comfort with the latest designs and colors. When the health of your feet is concerned, doctors always suggest wearing foldable shoes. For working women fold-up shoes are ideal. Foldable shoes are now easily available in various designs and colors. The online stores can help you out in buying you the ballet pumps of your choice. As the designs are changing and new collections are being added day by day, the demand for these comfortable shoes is also increasing.

Apart from fashion and comfort factor, you can easily carry these shoes in your handbag. This infographic brought to you by Cocorose London (winner of Pop at HOF), highlights the benefits of wearing folding shoes.

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