Misconceptions about Psychics

Things don’t always go smoothly for psychics.

Movies and television, a misinformed mass media, fakes and scammers who pretend to have psychic gifts, and rampant general skepticism have swirled together to form seven common misconceptions that unite and conspire to give genuine psychics a bad name.

You want to have confidence that you’ll find a genuine, trustworthy psychic who has your best interests at heart.

Be encouraged: this type of psychic is actually the standard. But it is still important to understand what psychics generally can and can’t do.

Here are seven common misconceptions about psychics, followed by the truth.

1. “Psychics can accurately predict times and dates.”

The truth: Psychics’ role is to communicate with clients related to a specific situation. It’s up to them to interpret the advice and manifest it into reality.

Most people have read about those famous psychics who predicted life-changing events regarding history, tragedy, and death. We can’t be overly clear on this point: this is not the norm.

Situations can change, which makes exact times and dates extremely hard to predict with accuracy. They may, however, share advice regarding a general time frame.

2. “Psychic readings are always 100 percent accurate.”

The truth: Every client wants accurate psychic readings. But as mentioned above, they will be responsible to interpret the advice they receive during their sessions and manifest into reality.

They won’t land their dream job or repair their broken relationship by sitting back and not doing anything.

They must use the information they receive to take proactive action and strive to achieve what was foretold. Things will not always work out. But that’s just life.

3. “Psychics can cast spells and place curses.”

The truth: Psychics can’t place curses or spells on people. One guaranteed way to spot fake psychics is if they want clients to pay them to free you from a curse or to avoid a certain destiny of doom.

Don’t ever fall for scams like this. Phonies may also threaten to cast a spell on clients if they don’t pay them. Again, this is a total scam.

Should you encounter a con artist like this, don’t hesitate: run in the opposite direction.

4. “Psychics know every personal detail about clients.”

The truth: Psychics can only tune into a limited amount of information during readings.

Some people feel embarrassed or self-conscious during psychic readings – even remote ones – because they think that the psychic can access every personal thought and detail about them.

But the only information they’ll access is what directly relates to the situation they’re discussing with clients. They won’t know what people are wearing, how recently they had sex, or if their houses are clean.

5. “Psychics research their clients before readings.”

The truth: Psychics aren’t news reporters interviewing subjects to prepare stories. They rely on their supernatural gifts to tap into clients’ energy frequencies during readings.

Common ways to do this include birth charts, visions, teaming with spirit guides or angels, divination tools such as tarot cards, or their preferred technique.

6. “Psychics can do readings without questions.”

The truth: The conversations clients have with their psychics are what ultimately lead to the best and most helpful readings. Just be careful to avoid volunteering unsolicited information.

If you want to squander your money and time, bait a psychic into “guessing” what you’re thinking instead of communicating about the issue at hand.

7. “Psychics deliver bad news.”

The truth: Psychics won’t tell clients when they or one of their loved ones is going to die or contract a life-threatening illness, or any other type of horrifying news.

You should be happy to know that psychics hold to a code of ethics that prevents them from sharing information with clients that would be fruitless or mentally damaging.

Instead, psychics share insights on things clients can do to avoid adverse situations in the future.

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