Investigators must follow EIS or OIS prompts to information the vehicle ID number, tag number, and odometer perusing. Regularly, the remaining vehicle data populate through the Vehicle Information Database and the EIS Vehicle Look-Up Table. No individual will enter any vehicle ID data for any vehicle other than the one being tested. Nor should any individual intentionally enter any false data about the vehicle being tested.

Components of Smog Test

There are three parts of the smog test, and your vehicle must pass every one of the three sections of the test. The expert will likewise test different parts of your vehicle to verify everything is running easily.

  1. Visual examination of emanations controls parts and frameworks.
  2. Practical examination of the vehicle’s check motor light, ignition timing, fumes gas distribution framework, fuel evaporative framework, and gas top.
  3. Functional examination of the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic system.

After the examination, you will get a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report, which contains the data stored in the computer of your car. In the event that your vehicle passes, the Referee will issue a testament of agreeability. If not, the Referee can point offer direction about the next steps.

Different Types of Smog Tests

There are different types of smog test come with different procedures.

  1. OBD II: Vehicles or cars without an OBD II system should not get an OBD II test. Most vehicles with a GVWR more noteworthy than 14,000 lbs. are not outfitted with an OBD II framework. The OBD II test assesses and reports the status and aftereffects of the system faults, readiness indicators as well as Malfunction Indicator Light.
  2. Ignition Timing Test: This test applies to the models of 1976 to the 1995 year furnished with adjustable vehicle timing. In the event that the smog control label, a discharges application guide, or other dependable maker inferred references demonstrates timing is not adjustable, then the Ignition Timing Test is not needed.

Smog Tests

Choosing the Right Smog Test Station

Smog Check stations are made to perform more muddled smog investigations and handle unique smog check circumstances. Most cars can be tested at normal stations. There are a few unique sorts of stations to look over, contingent upon your circumstance:

  1. Test-Only stations: This type of station is expert in smog inspections as well as are not allowed to perform diagnostics or repairs. They were made to guarantee decency in the smog check program. Since these stations can’t profit off of repairs, customers can feel secure realizing that there is no motivation to intentionally come up short a vehicle. The DMV requires certain vehicles to be assessed at test-only facilities especially when the vehicle has a high risk of fizzling smog. The vehicle owner is then free to take the vehicle to a repair station.

Smog test station

  1. Repair-Only stations: It can analyze and repair vehicles, yet are not allowed to do any testing. This is a decent choice on the off chance that you are anticipating accomplishing your test at an alternate station later on.
  2. Test-and-Repair stations: This is approved to perform smog examinations, diagnostics, and repairs. Customers who accept their vehicle will need repairs ought to take their vehicle to a Test-and-Repair station for the beginning investigation to disentangle the procedure.

Bottom Line: Repair your car first before you go through the common process of the smog test. is a comprehensive website that provides updated information to customers about cheap smog check shops in major cities of Orange County, California including Smog Check Lake Forest, Smog Check Mission Viejo, Smog Check Laguna Hills, Smog Check Aliso Viejo, Smog Check Irvine, and Smog Check Santa Ana.

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